Construction Job Template To Close Deals

Construction companies and professionals providing construction job estimates, quotes or submissions for bids can boost closing rates with this example job proposal template.

This template includes sections for your certifications, your team’s expertise, examples of previous projects, customer testimonials, and a detailed project summary.

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All Proposify proposal templates are 100% customizable.

This construction job proposal template is fully equipped

You have everything you need to outline the construction project details and position your company as the top choice.

An attractive cover page

It’s bold and blue, but you can easily switch font and colors to match your company’s unique branding.

Cover page for a Construction Job Template
Cover letter for a Construction Job Proposal Template

An inspiring cover letter

Kickstart your cover letter with this great template that calls attention to high-quality work and personalized service.

About us and certifications

Craft a compelling company bio (or rework ours). Then list out your certifications and licenses in big bold font.

About us page for a construction job proposal template
Team bios page for a construction job template

Team member bios

This page offers 3 spotlights for in-depth bios of important members of your team. Then list your tradespeople and their roles.

Customer testimonials

Include some testimonials from satisfied clients. Swap out the photo with one of your previous projects.

Testimonials page for a construction job template
Portfolio page for a construction job template

Portfolio project spotlights

Showcase the specifics of two previous projects, including the client goals and the special features of the completed structures.


Seal the deal with legally binding e-signatures right inside your construction project proposal.

Summary page for a construction job template
Fees page for a construction job proposal tempalte

Fee breakdown

Summarize the costs across multiple categories (consultation, equipment and materials, labor, and permits and fees).

More proposal examples for construction companies

Create a top-notch construction job pitch with these advanced tips

Use photos to boost your closing rates by 26%

Images not only make your proposals more interesting—they also make them more likely to close. Add pics of your team and past projects.

Adding images for a construction job template
Construction Job Proposal Template pricing options page

Add pricing options to increase your chances of closing by 36%

Dynamic pricing tables are a client favorite. You can add pricing options and editable quantities, allowing clients to automatically update the contract total.

Boost closing rates by 465% with e-signatures

Ramp up your acceptance rates with legally binding e-signatures. Just make sure to add your terms and conditions or master service agreement.

Construction Job Proposal Template eSignatures page
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Frequently asked questions about construction proposals

What is a construction job proposal?

The proposal is an important part of the construction bidding process, where multiple construction companies will pitch a government agency, commercial, or residential client. Because construction projects require many different talents and resources to complete, construction job proposals can be complicated to put together. It’s important to cover the methods, materials, permits, equipment, and subcontractors so that all costs are presented transparently and the client has a thorough understanding of what’s required to complete the project.

What is the purpose of a construction job proposal?

A construction job proposal’s chief aim is to win over a new client. It should impress the client with its professional and detailed breakdown of the project timeline and costs as well as the company’s credentials and previous work. The proposal should also reduce the risks of client dissatisfaction and arbitration by clarifying the scope upfront.

What’s the best outline for a construction job proposal?

A construction job proposal, also known as a bid proposal, should include details on the specific project as well as information about your company that will inspire trust. For best results, include these sections: cover page, cover letter, about us, team bios, customer testimonials, portfolio samples, project summary, project schedule, and fee summary. At the end of your proposal, add an e-signature page to convert your pitch into a legally binding contract.

What's the best way to send the proposal to my client?

The best way to send your client a proposal is to use proposal software that offers excellent email deliverability. When you click send with the software, your client will receive an email with a button that links to the proposal, which can be easily viewed and signed online. Proposal software also gives you visibility into all active proposals, client activity, and average closing rates for your company.

We don’t recommend that you send proposals as a PDF attachment. You would lose visibility into client activity and team closing rates, and you’d make revisions and e-signature collection much harder for sellers.

How do I edit this construction job proposal template?

To edit this proposal template, start a 14-day free trial of Proposify. During that time, you’ll gain access to 75+ easy-to-edit proposal templates. You can add your company’s branding and all the project details required to impress and win over a new client.

During your free trial, you should also check out all of our features, including automated email follow-ups that boost your closing rates, payment integrations for project deposits, a company-wide content library with reusable proposal snippets, and more.

What are the benefits of using Proposify to send proposals?

Proposify offers three main benefits: consistency, control, and visibility. Sales teams gain consistency with their proposal content. With approved templates and snippets, teams can finally send proposals that are always accurate and on-brand. Sales leaders can control what sellers are sending, and make changes to key proposal sections at any time. Those changes will be immediately available to all sellers. And in terms of visibility, sales leaders can see the proposals that are currently open, the actions clients are taking in the individual proposals, and closing rates across regions, clients, and service types.

If my client signs the proposal, is it legally binding?

Yes! When your client signs this construction job proposal, it serves as a legally binding contract. Just make sure you’ve got a detailed scope of work and fee estimate. You should also include your terms and conditions or master service agreement. You can add that legal language directly above the e-signature fields or link to where they can be found on your company’s website.

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