Whip Up Your Own Ready-Made Templates to Send Proposals Faster

A big reason you're probably using Proposify is to shorten the time it takes to get a proposal out the door. However, there’s one big shortcut you may not be using: building your own proposal template.

create templates to send proposals faster

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Templates are a compilation of the sections that stay the same from proposal to proposal. When you stick the sections together and save them as a template, you can use them as a base, and simply add new sections to customize the proposal to your specific project. When you use this method, the bulk of the work is already done when you start working on each new proposal.

Think of a doughnut shop. Does the baker make a fresh doughnut everytime a customer orders one? Heck no! He bakes a large batch of doughnuts, and decorates them differently to suit different tastes.

Having a template to kick start your proposal writing process will save you from starting from scratch each time, helping you get ahead of your competition and close deals faster. Jazz the proposal up with your own branding and sprinkle in some personalized sections to really have your client smacking their lips.

Step one: create your template

To start creating your templates, open Proposify’s template editor.

Think of all the sections you tend to include in each proposal, and pull those from the section library within your content library and arrange them in order. Those sections may include:

  • Cover
  • About us
  • Team bios
  • Testimonials
  • Past clients
  • Past projects
  • Signatures page
  • Standard charges, fees, and rates
  • Contract

If you already have a proposal that you would like to save as a template, you can do so in Proposify’s editor by clicking the dropdown menu on the save button.

Once these sections are compiled, you can consider this rough template outline freshly baked and cooling on the windowsill, getting ready for some TLC.

Step two: design your template

We can all agree that plain, dry doughnuts pale in comparison to those enrobed in a shiny glaze.

Make your template drool-worthy by applying fonts, headings, colours, and other style preferences to match your brand.

Be sure to take advantage of the repeaters tool, which allows you to take an element like page numbers or your company logo and have it repeat on every page.

When designing your templates, don’t forget to raid Proposify’s stash of sweet features, like our integration with stock photo platform Unsplash. You can search thousands of free images for your proposals, and edit them right in Proposify.

Our next article in this series will deepdive into design tips and tricks using Proposify’s editor - stay tuned!

Step three: customized content

Sprinkles, nuts, candies; all delicious, yet all very different.

The base of your template has been glossed over with your company’s look and feel. Before sending it out as a proposal, you’ll want to add toppings that will entice the specific client it’s going to reach.

Each proposal should speak directly to the project it’s for, so for each one, create custom sections that show what you’re offering your client.

Custom sections may include:

  • Services/deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Project-specific fees
  • Case studies
  • Why us

These sections will automatically format to match your template.

Proposify Pro Tip:

Make sure to take advantage of Proposify’s variables function which auto updates text that’s specific to each proposal like your client’s first and last name, company name, address, and phone number.

With irresistible custom content layered on top of your professional-looking template, your proposal is ready for the display case, or, your client’s inbox.


Do a favour for ‘Future Killer Closer You’ and create a template. Having a base to build on top of will free up time so you can simply write up the sections that pertain to that particular project and get the proposal in the hands of your client faster.

Proposify has all the ingredients you need to build a proposal your client will want to sink their teeth into. Strap on your apron and start creating!

Whip Up Your Own Ready-Made Templates to Send Proposals Faster

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