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Proposify helped triple this SaaS company’s ARR in under 6 months.

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Mike Watson, Sales Director of Orlo

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The desire for connection, human and technological, created a need.

Orlo, previously known as SocialSignIn, provides a SaaS solution that streamlines social media management and creates an uncomplicated network of online channels and communication.

Mike Watson, Orlo’s sales director, knew they had a winning product. Their process was in place, and sales were steady, but it had the potential to grow. Massively. It took six months, an adaptive sales team, and Proposify to relaunch Orlo’s brand and triple ARR.

“Six months ago, we were doing an average of about $3,500 ARR per deal, and it’s now up to $12,000. Proposify made it possible to streamline our proposal process and triple our business.”

Mike was well versed in proposal woes before joining team Orlo. The idea of building a well-oiled sales team with Microsoft Word was daunting. Fortunately, Proposify was ready and waiting when Mike stepped through their door.

“Proposify was implemented before I joined the company in April. I had no idea these systems even existed. Before, I’d have multiple versions of a PDF or a Word file, and in the end, the proposal was nothing like what it was originally meant to be. So, coming into Orlo when they had Proposify to use for customer proposals was a revelation. I’m a big fan.”

By utilizing Proposify’s template gallery and activity feed, Mike has no fear that his team is on task and on time. With no room for inconsistency, Orlo is now able to meet their 20 proposal a month goal, with time to spare.  

“Training our sales team was dead easy, and quick. Having to create templates from scratch each time would typically warrant an hour or two with somebody. With Proposify our team took to it like ducks to water. It was very straightforward, and it’s easy to assign permissions. I’ve got full control over what they can do, can’t do, what they can see and what they can’t. I particularly like the activity feed. I can go into that and see what’s cooking.”

When it came to setting and surpassing sales goals for his team, there was no need to look outside of Proposify.

“The other reason I use Proposify is to monitor deals. We might be having 10 to 15 a month. I need to go back in and do my metrics for that period. So, I’ll use Proposify to reconcile the actual signed contract with what the guys have forecasted in Pipedrive. I know that whatever is signed off in Proposify is the actual contract value. That gives me comfort that the numbers all align.”

Mike manages a team of 15 SDRs and BDMs. They rely on communication and chasing down an opportunity to close the deal. With Proposify they're able to do this better and faster by utilizing up-to-the-minute notifications.

“It’s fun; the entire team gets Proposify notifications on their phone. We’ll hear the notifications going off and see that the clients read the proposal, or hit download. Well, that’s a great time to call them up and say ‘Listen we haven’t spoken for a little while, and I see that you’ve got the proposal there. Are there any questions we can answer, or is there something else we can help you with at this stage?’ Those insights are really useful.”

So by using Proposify’s ability to integrate with Pipedrive and Zapier, team management is a snap for Mike. The seamless workflow allows him to light a fire and motivate his team to close that next big deal.

“I’ve got full visibility of any deal that’s created in Proposify and integrated into Pipedrive. My team will ask ,’How did you know I just created a£40,000 opportunity?’ Well, it just Slacks me as I’m driving home. So they know I’ll be all over it.”

For Orlo, Proposify has become their hub for communication and sales metrics.

"With Proposify we’ve got a single source of truth, a single source that we should be working in. Coming in I didn’t want to overcomplicate our process. I think we have all the right tools with Proposify to get the job done."
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