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Strategically beautiful design is at the heart of RaisingSails Marketing, a branding agency that’s quickly positioning itself as a top contender in St. Louis, Missouri. Founder Alexander McArthy knew that to stand out from the crowd, he needed to customize his proposals and that they needed to be on par with RaisingSails’ modern design capabilities. After struggling to customize templates using a competitor’s software, Alex knew there had to be a better option out there.

“I was using Proposify’s competitor, QuoteRoller, but realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t a fit for our standards; their templates were making our proposals look like an invoice from 1989. I started searching for something that would allow me to customize what I was presenting to my prospective clients besides throwing up a logo in the right-hand corner and calling it a day. After numerous other test runs, I found Proposify.”
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What initially stood out to Alex about Proposify was the quality of the templates and level of customization it had. Discovering how quickly he could create a proposal in the editor convinced him to switch to a paid account.

“For a company like ours, which promises clients beautiful branding, it’s easier to show them what we can offer with a beautiful proposal. As soon as I saw that we could have a gorgeous cover page and all the flexibility that comes with the editor, I jumped in, and it was super intuitive. Within minutes I had a complete grasp on how to operate the entire platform.”

Proposify has become a cornerstone of RaisingSails’ business development, allowing them to win business faster than ever, according to Alex. It’s even assisted them in closing deals with big brands, like Chauvin Coffee (one of the original specialty coffee roasters in the US), within minutes, increasing RaisingSails’ ability to compete with the numerous multinational agencies based in St. Louis.

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“I was delivering a website to a major client, and while we were chatting, I brought up the branding package we also offer, just looking to plant the seed for future business with them. They were interested right away and asked when they could sign a contract for it. Within six minutes – and without breaking conversation – I was able to set up a custom proposal, send it, and have them sign and pay immediately. What a rush of adrenaline.”

Signing up for Proposify has helped RaisingSails to grow, but still maintain a ‘human touch’ when presenting to prospective clients – something Alex feels is important to the company and the way in which they do business. Customizing each template allows RaisingSails to showcase their personality, break down their scope of engagement, and illustrate how they will assist the client through each step of the project.

Raising Sails team members
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