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Melissa Versnik
VP, Business Development at The Payroll Company

Since their founding in 1999, The Payroll Company (TPC), located in Middleton, Wisconsin, have dedicated themselves to meeting the acute human resources needs of their clients. After tremendous growth over the last 20 years, TPC knew they needed a product that could streamline their proposals and deliver quotes within minutes, all while working in tandem with their CRM, Salesforce. Melissa Versnik, TPC’s vice president of business development knew Proposify was their perfect solution. .

"It’s the professionalism that Proposify offers. I know our proposals are some of the nicest of any of our competitors that I’ve seen. Most businesses are doing what we used to do. They’re sending a PDF or Word Doc. Proposify makes us look more professional."
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Building quotes is imperative for The Payroll Company, but, while Salesforce is one of their pillar business tools, it doesn’t provide the ease or flexibility that they need when editing quotes. Proposify’s ability to integrate directly with Salesforce, while presenting a beautiful, uncomplicated interface, closed the deal for The Payroll Company.

"Before we started using Proposify, I had to create new PDF templates for every type of proposal, but there was no customization."
"The way Proposify is laid out is intuitive. We’ve used Salesforce for 15 years, and we’ve always used their quote builder, which is just not very good. We wanted to be able to edit things and configure things and make it look pretty. So through doing some research and Googling, Proposify seemed super easy to use.”

Additionally, Proposify’s ability to add digital signatures became invaluable to The Payroll Company. For their clients, saying ‘yes’, became a one-click process, which shortened their close time and gained them more business.

"We’ve definitely become more efficient in our implementation because we’ve been able to get our proposals and customer service agreements signed much quicker with Proposify. Salesforce doesn’t allow people to accept proposals electronically. I think that’s the big thing for us, we’ve made it easier for the customer to accept the proposal. Proposify has shortened our close time because people can click a button, instead of having to print a PDF, sign it, and get it back to us.”
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The Payroll Company says that Proposify has taken the guesswork out of their proposal process. Knowing when to follow up with their clients has never been easier.

“The thing I really like about Proposify is that it tells you when someone opens your email, it tells you when someone opens your proposal, and it tells you each time they’re looking at it. You’re not left wondering, ‘Did they get it? Should I follow up with them?’
"You might have a meeting with someone, it goes well, you send them the proposal, and you never hear anything, even if you follow up with them. Proposify lets you see that the client has looked at what you sent them, and if they haven’t replied, you at least know know they’re still interested. For us, it’s that validation we need to keep following up and staying in touch with our prospects."
The Payroll Company team members

With Proposify, The Payroll Company can close more deals at the click of a button. That. doubled with the ability to build quotes quickly, means that Proposify is now an essential part of their team.

We’re using it every day. As much as we use Salesforce, our sales team is also using Proposify every day. I cannot imagine having to go back to creating quotes outside of Proposify.
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