Template Design & Training

Get ready to impress with a custom designed proposal template then learn from our experienced team to become a Proposify expert through tailored software training.

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Template Design

Our team will work with you to design a new template or re-create an existing one within Proposify, using your unique brand and our best practices.

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Software Training

In-depth team training sessions with an Account Optimization Specialist to get a thorough understanding of how to use Proposify, specific to your workflow.

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Template Design

We can build you a fully custom 10-page template or convert your existing proposal to be functional within Proposify. For either service we will design with your unique brand in mind using our expertise and best practices to enhance your workflow, all while saving you time and setting you up for success.

$3,000 USD

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Key benefits to a custom template

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Watch this quick video from Tamara, our Professional Services Design Lead, to learn more about how our templates will take your proposals to the next level.

Project Timeline

Your Account Executive will connect you with a Proposify Designer, who will then send you a thorough Typeform to submit your brand assets. Once submitted, we can get your project started!

Project Timeline

Your Account Executive will connect you with a Proposify Designer, who will then send you a thorough Typeform to submit your brand assets. Once submitted, we can get your project started!


First Draft of Template

Your designer will complete your first draft within 10 business days.


2 Rounds of Revisions

Once you review the first draft, you may book a meeting with your designer to review the template together. From there, you will complete up to 2 rounds of revisions.


Proposal template complete!

Your brand new template is now ready to use within your Proposify account.


Team Software Training*

Now that you have a newly designed proposal, we highly recommend Proposify Software Training. This will ensure you get the most out of your account and help you maintain your new template.

*This is an additional service, recommended following the Template Design process.

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Software Training

This is the perfect way to get familiar with using Proposify and your new proposal.

  1. The first 1-hour session will include an introduction to your Account Optimization Specialist (AOS) and full end-user workflow training from creation to close.
  2. The second 1-hour session includes a more in-depth look into what Proposify has to offer, and the option to focus on Admin settings and privileges.
  3. 90 days after your end-user training you'll meet with your AOS for 30-minutes to review how your team is performing with Proposify and identify any areas of opportunity.

$1,500 USD

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Proposify provided us with a stunning custom template! Never have I received a first draft of any design project that was so much better than I could have hoped. I cannot express my gratitude for creating such a strong and beautiful template for us.

Joseph Barnes  |  Yellowstone Landscape


Proposify is a game changer for us. It gives my company the ability to portray the complexity of our value proposition to our clients in a beautiful and impressive way, using a multi-page proposal that is flexible with so many features. Since launching our customized proposal template our close rate seems to have doubled. Definitely pay for the design service, well worth the money.

Jennings S.  |  We Treat

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They were very available to help - super friendly and gave us design elements that we couldn't have come up with on our own. We had a great experience.

Sarah Meyers  |  BluSky

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They were quick and efficient and operated behind the scenes. They followed our style guide and executed perfectly to match our new brand theme.

Rebecca Lamanna  |  Parachute Technology

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Ready to impress?

To discuss getting a new Template Design and/or a Software Training package, please submit a request and we’ll be in touch shortly to get the process started. We look forward to working with you!