Proposify Keeps Getting Better. And We’re Sharing Every Little Detail With You!

Our Latest Updates Include Product Release Notes, New Editor Features, 165 New Upgrades, and GIFs. Really Cool GIFs.

proposify product update public release notes

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These days, product fundamentals are the star of the show at Proposify.

Over the last three months we’ve put most of our energy into the things that matter most to you: stamping out bugs, and upgrading the tools that make Proposify work better.

That’s meant hiring two additional teams of developers who helped us push a record-smashing 165 upgrades since the beginning of July.

The whole idea is to make all the day-to-day aspects of using Proposify better, because together those small upgrades lead to big-time improvements to your workflow.

But we’re all about accountability here, and we respect you too much to just tell you “things are better” and leave it at that.

So we’re pulling back the curtain on our development process to present you a new (and much better) way to find out exactly what we’re working on.

Introducing Our Product Release Notes!

That’s right. We’ve cranked the transparency knob to 11 and set up a public portal where you can see a complete rundown of all of our releases. We’re talking every minor tweak, security update, feature upgrade, and brand-new release we add to the app.

We love this new portal because it gives you more meaningful information about the changes we’re making to Proposify, and the flexibility to review it on your terms.

We’ve already added more than a month’s worth of past updates, plus an archive of all our major releases stretching back to January. And we’ll keep updating with all our new upgrades at least once a week.

Check out our product release notes page now to see what I’m talking about.

But, since we’re here together now, let’s continue the show with a rundown of some of the more exciting changes we’ve just made.

A Better Editor

We focus on having the best editor in the market. But we’re ALWAYS working to make it better. It’s where all your proposal dirty work gets done, after all, so it’s really important the experience of using it is as clean as possible.

This time around that meant big upgrades to fee tables (like the power to format individual rows, and manually adjust values in the totals footer), and a bunch of changes that make list formatting more intuitive. We also scrubbed down and rebuilt our copy-paste function to make it work.

On top of all that, we put all your formatting options together under one Global Styles and Formatting button.

More Powerful Archiving

We also made your archiving and unarchiving features more useful. Now, the decision to archive a proposal doesn’t have to be a painful one, because we’ll preserve every single bit of information for when you come back and unarchive it.

Paying From The Preview Screen

And don’t think we forgot about that all-important sign-off.

We jazzed up your proposal preview feature so your clients can sign and pay directly from your proposal preview page. This little tweak looks impressive as hell, and means one less step standing in the way of your team and their payday.

BONUS: Proposify GIFs!

That’s right. We’ve put together a gallery of GIFs featuring our charming spokesperson P, free for anyone to use. Thank your colleagues with style and poise. Or, send them the most charming digital high-five they’ve ever received.

You can even use them as stickers to spice up your Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp stories. The possibilities are endless. And all delightful.

Check out the gallery on Giphy now, and be the star of your Slack channel this week.

What Do You Think?

Every change we make to Proposify is designed to make your life easier. So please reach out with any comments, complaints, suggestions. Or just to say Hi. We’re always excited to hear from you.

And be sure to check out our product release notes for information on all the work we’re doing.

Proposify Keeps Getting Better. And We’re Sharing Every Little Detail With You!

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