5 Amazing Features We Released This Spring

A jam-packed rundown of the updates making Proposify better for you

proposify spring update roundup

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So we’ve been a little quiet on the update front over the last 3 months.

That’s because we shut down the entire company and sent everyone to a private island for a 90-day beach vacation.

Just kidding!

We’ve actually been very hard at work, staying hyper-focused on making Proposify work better for you.

All told, we’ve pushed 64 upgrades over the last 90 days. It’s important work, but a little less glamorous than shiny new features. (And “Mobile Responsive Password Reset Functionality” just doesn't sound as good in a headline).

But we still slipped in a few fun features for you to play with. So, here’s a rundown of the most exciting new tools we’ve given you in the last 90 days.

Text Editor Upgrades

No human has ever described formatting title headers as “thrilling.”

We set out to change that, with an editor upgrade that revolutionizes how you set the style and formatting of the text, headers, tables, and pages that appear throughout your proposal.

We started by putting all those style and formatting options together in one place. Next, we gave you one-click access to all of it.

Then we got excited and kept going.

We made it so when you select the element you want to edit, it comes into focus, and everything else fuzzes out.

It also highlights the changes you’re making in real time, right in your proposal.

If we’ve done our job right, you should be giddy with delight every time you adjust your table heading colours. Brace yourself.

Streamlined Client Importing

We streamlined our client import process to make pulling a contact into Proposify from your integrations faster and more intuitive.

The big change here is the ability to import clients directly from your proposal creation screen.

Once upon a time you’d get whisked away to an entirely new screen if you tried to import a client when you first started a proposal (and this was NOT the fun-surprise-tropical-vacation kind of whisked away).

Now, you get a much more useful sidebar that lets you import a client from one of your integrations without ever leaving the proposal creation screen. In other words, safely UN-whisked.

This was all part of a larger overhaul of our contact importing process that phased out bulk client importing to make it easier to add contacts. And so you aren’t stuck sorting through all 1,500 of your Salesforce contacts just to find one client.

We’re looking at you, Margaret. Why did you have 5 different entries for that lead, anyway?

Template Transferring

This nifty tool is a gift to all of our partners that we love so much, giving you a quick way to transfer templates between linked accounts.

You can send a copy of a template with just a few clicks. And when your customer accepts it we automatically drop the new template into their library.

We even sort all the sections and pictures in their own folder for them.

We also give you the option to cancel a transfer after you’ve already sent it. Because, let’s be honest, you can never have too many “undo” buttons in your life.

Partner Program

Speaking of our partners. Our most exciting recent update introduced our new Certified Partner program.

It lets all you power users team up with us to earn commission for every customer you bring to Proposify.

Part of the process was creating a new in-app portal where partners can manage their customers and access training and marketing material.

And since its launch we’ve already added new features to the portal, making it easier to customize your invite messages and organize your customers.

(We’re still accepting new certified partners and affiliates, by the way. Show us you’ve got what it takes by applying for the program).

SSL Encryption for Custom Domains

We also gave customers with branded URLs beefed up security for their custom domains.

It might seem small, but why should flashy editor upgrades and partner programs get all the attention? SSL ENCRYPTION DESERVES LOVE, TOO.

This small but important fix actually took quite a bit of work. And it means you get better privacy while still keeping your company in the spotlight.

And Many More

Those were the biggest changes from the last 90 days, but there are a lot more just over the horizon (including a few major ones some of you will be VERY excited to see).

But every change we make to Proposify—past and future—starts with feedback from you. And we love to hear from you.

So never hesitate to reach out to us and tell us what you love, and what would make Proposify work better for you. (Don’t worry: we’re super relaxed from that island vacation, so we can handle whatever you throw at us).

Happy Closing!

5 Amazing Features We Released This Spring

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