Proposify Release Notes

#April 13, 2022


  • [Send Documents] Made button to Share This Document a lot more visible

  • [Pricing Tables] Made several significant improvements to the new Pricing Tables and the experience converting from old to new

  • [Roles and Permissions] Roles and Permissions are now available during Trial for new customers to experience

  • [Bug Fixes] Squashed a few bugs that made our lives less enjoyable

    #Salesforce v1.56


    • [Bug Fixes] Squashed a bug that was breaking our widget

      #Salesforce v1.54


      • [Setup Experience] Replaced existing Setup Assistant experience with authentication through Proposify widget

      • [Fixes] Fixed an issue with “Open in Proposify” link from the dropdown menu

        #March 18, 2022


        • [Pricing Table] Several significant improvements to the new pricing tables including styling, recurring fee, formatting, total price calculation, several bug fixes and improved experience converting from old to new table

          #February 14, 2022


          • [Onboarding] New to Proposify users will now be also guided through how to make your proposals on brand

          • [Editor] Squashed a bug that prevented privately listed Vimeo videos from getting embedded in the proposal

          • [Salesforce] Made an error message more helpful when a new Salesforce opportunity is created from Proposify, but requires a custom Salesforce field to successfully create it

            #February 10, 2022


            • [Onboarding] If you are new to Proposify, you can now access the Onboarding Checklist from the Pipeline page. “Send Proposal” step was also added to the checklist

            • [Metrics] Squashed a bug that showed some Won proposals in Metrics as “Not yet accepted”

              #February 7, 2022


              • [Onboarding] If you are new to Proposify and want to roam freely, you can now skip the onboarding checklist.

              • [Performance] Every second counts, so we made several improvements to application performance.

                #January 31, 2022


                • [Integrations] You can now view Proposify Document Shared and Viewed events right in Gong’s Deals Timeline.

                  #January 26, 2022


                  • [Integrations] Fixed an issue when large quantities get truncated in QuickBooks invoices generated using Zapier.

                    #January 19, 2022


                    • [Metrics] Fixed an issue some users experienced viewing results on the Metrics page.

                      #January 17, 2022


                      • [Editor] Fixed an issue with some wild resizing of images copied from Microsoft Word or Google Docs and pasted into Proposify editor.

                        #January 12, 2022


                        • [Authentication] Fixed an issue that was preventing users from successfully logging in when using a temporary password.

                        • [Profile] Ensured all states available in the dropdown for Union Territories in India.

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