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Proposify Release Notes

# Proposify 2.6.45

April 1, 2020

What's New

  • [Stripe] In light of the difficult times many businesses are facing, we’re adding our Stripe integration to all per-seat plans, including our existing Tall customers. We hope this quicker way to collect payment helps you keep closing for the long haul.


  • [API] We’ve updated our API beta to ping users with the number of results they’ll expect to get with an API call. This should help keep API devs from getting a phone book when they ask for a business card.
  • [API] Fixed an issue where requests using HTTP verb `GET` would output a `NO` result to `Proposify-Has-More-Results` filters; even if there were, in fact, more results. For the non-techies: we stopped our API from lying.
  • [Approval] Added a new button to the Snapshot Activity Feed when a proposal is pending approval. If you’re the proposal lead, you’ll see a send reminder button to nudge your approver. Approvers will see a review button, which will take them to review the proposal.
  • [Approval] Fixed an incorrect icon in the Snapshot Activity Feed when a proposal is awaiting approval.
  • [Salesforce] Added an error message when trying to create an object in Salesforce when the mapped required fields aren't entered.

# Proposify 2.6.44

March 30, 2020


  • [Salesforce] Fixed a bug which would leave a leave a proposal nameless if mapped to a cleared field in Salesforce.
  • [Roles] We’ve added more detail to the confirmation message that appears when deleting a role. When deleting a role, you’ll now see which other roles are dependent on this for approvals. This should help keep your team from being left in a lurch when pruning your permissions sets. As always, if you decide to delete a role, all approval privileges for the dependent roles will default to admin users.
  • [Permissions] We’ve added a new notification for when someone other than the proposal lead requests approval for a document. Now the proposal lead will also get a notification. Keeping the lead in the loop should help save an approver’s inbox from multiple approval request messages.
  • [Permissions] Squashed a bug which would prevent approver roles from changing. Apparently, we had to run it by our supervisor first.

# Proposify 2.6.43

March 25, 2020


  • [General] We’re scooching the save and cancel buttons so they’re not stuck behind our chat support button. This should let you back out of a change without summoning our support reps.
  • [Proposal Settings] The Proposal Settings page now has show all options set to on by default.
  • [Pipeline] We’ve heard your feedback! You can now rename your default stream to something other than “Proposals”.
  • [Variables] Removed the time zone data from our {date_accepted}, {date_submitted}, and {due_date} variables. Nothing adds pressure like saying “your reply is due by this date, at this hour, this minute and this second!”
  • [Roles and Permissions] Jazzed-up some wording in Roles & Permissions Settings.
    “Manage Users”
    - Boring.
    - Controlling.
    - Loosen that tie! Live a little!
    "View Users”
    - Mysterious!
    - All-seeing?
    - Possibly gives you psychic powers.

# Proposify 2.6.42

March 23, 2020

What's New

  • [Salesforce] We’ve expanded our field mapping capabilities! Here’s the skinny:

    We’ll now be able to import more than custom fields. Standard fields from Proposify and Salesforce can now also be mapped! Want the “proposal name” to be mapped to something other than the opportunity? We got you.

    We’ve also pulled back our two-way integration, so that only the Salesforce fields will be pushed to Proposify, not the other way around. Your oppties will remain sacred.
  • [Images] Also new to Proposify: you can now paste images from another source. Instead of adding the image to the library first, you can paste the image in your proposal. If you paste an image while another is selected, we’ll ask if you’d like to replace it or add this image on top and maintain aspect ratio. Just note: this will not add this image to your content library for re-use elsewhere. This is more of a one-shot deal.
  • [Roles & Permissions] We’ve added a new button in your Users page to update and create Roles and Permissions. This should help you manage your team faster without bouncing back and forth between settings pages.

# Proposify 2.6.41

March 18, 2020


  • [Fee Table] Squashed a bug that would prevent editable quantity values from saving when changed in the Editor.

# Proposify 2.6.40-1

March 17, 2020


  • [Preview] Resolved an issue that was causing a small number of proposal previews to appear fuzzy and refuse to load.

# Proposify 2.6.40

March 16, 2020


  • [Salesforce Appex] Fixed an issue that would cause an error when running the Salesforce App Exchange app in a specific version of Google Chrome.
  • [Salesforce] For those looking to find their client ID and secret to install the Salesforce App Exchange app, we’ve included a link in Proposify to reach it much more easily.
  • [Salesforce] We’ve tweaked our Salesforce integration so that it no longer creates a new opportunity by default whenever you’re creating a new sales document.
  • [Salesforce] We’ve gussied up the map fields button in Editors using our Salesforce integration.
  • [Content Tables] Resolved an issue where adding a bottom border to a row, then assigning a colour, would also change the colour of the row itself.
  • [Custom Fields] Fixed the bug where updating a custom field would not update your proposal until you refreshed the page.

# Proposify 2.6.39

March 11, 2020


  • [Billing] Solved a problem where customers with credit card issues would remain suspended, even when updating their information with a valid card.

# Proposify 2.6.38

March 9, 2020


  • [Editor] Fixed a Firefox specific issue where adding a line, shape, video, or text box over an image would make doubles of that element. This is not how two-for-one deals are supposed to work.

# Proposify 2.6.37

March 4, 2020

What's New

  • [Pipeline] Tired of your pipeline feeling over-crowded and clunky? We've launched an improvement to our pipeline. It will now load the most recent 25 proposals in each stage. If you need to look further in a stage, select view more to see the whole list.


  • [Contacts] Resolved a bug that would prevent newly added contacts from appearing in the search bar's autocomplete function.
  • [Input Forms] Fixed an issue where client input forms would collapse when converted to PDF.

# Proposify 2.6.36

March 2, 2020


  • [Metrics] Resolved a bug that would mark some approved proposals as "awaiting approval" in the Metrics page.
  • [General] For some actions, our confirmation messages would have two checkmarks instead of a more socially acceptable single checkmark. We've gone ahead and removed the extra one.

# Proposify 2.6.35-1

February 27, 2020


  • [Sections] Fixed an issue that made page one of a proposal blurry if a user selected hide cover in the Editor.

# Proposify 2.6.35

February 26, 2020


  • [Activity Feed] Updated the activity feed to show a user's full name, rather than just their first name. As a company with 3 Nicks, 2.5 Jens, and 2 Lukes, we get why this is necessary.
  • [Video] Squashed a very persistent bug where videos in a proposal would play muted.
  • [Page Flow] Resolved an issue in page flow sections, namely involving content tables flowing to another page. Prior to today, updating the column width on the table on one page would not update the columns on any other page. Now, it all acts like one big, happy table.
  • [Page Flow] Along with the previous fix, we stomped a similar content table bug where updating text format on one one page wouldn’t update the table on following pages
  • [Content Tables] Another content table-related fix: We improved text selection in a cell, allowing for faster highlighting.
  • [Editor] Fixed a bug where hard line breaks refused to save when placed in copy/pasted text.
  • [Comments] Resolved an issue where the comment panel would not be in focus after clicking comment in the editor.
  • [Pricing Tables] Fixed an issue that would temporarily break the footer text of a fee table when editing a cell's text style.
  • [Email] The last stop on our extermination tour: we've fixed a bug that would turn download now in a "Thank You" email to a hyperlink instead of a button.

# Proposify 2.6.34

February 24, 2020


  • [internal] Some background updates. Cool stuff is coming soon, we promise!

# Proposify 2.6.33-1

February 21, 2020


  • [Variables] Our time zone update yesterday caused some users' {due_date} and {date_accepted} variables to show incorrect values. We've corrected them.

# Proposify 2.6.33

February 20, 2020


  • [Signatures/Variables] We've updated our signatures and variables to use the time zone found in your profile settings, rather than our own. Not everyone lives in Halifax, but those who don't are really missing out.
  • [Signatures] Resolved a bug that would keep a user's original first and last name in the signature buttons, even after changing their account details.

# Proposify 2.6.32

February 18, 2020

What's New

  • [Integrations] Updated our manual pricing tool to push that total to your Zapier, Zoho, and Salesforce integration.
  • [Approval] We've improved our approval messaging to confirm who the request was sent to. You'll now see "your approval request has been sent to {person}" instead of "Your approval request has been sent."
  • [Activity Feed] We've added some new flags to the activity feed for approvals. Now everyone with access knows when your document was approved.


  • [Editor] We've fixed the Editor so only one menu drawer can be open at a time. Now, if only I can get that installed in my kitchen...
  • [Editor] Our manual totals tool was pushing the proposal settings menu down. We've scooched it back up to where it should be.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed an issue that would cause Proposify proposals to continue pushing new opportunities to Salesforce after a plan downgrade.

# Proposify 2.6.31

February 12, 2020


  • [PDF Import] We've made some improvements to memory usage once you're done using the PDF importer.

# Proposify 2.6.30

February 10, 2020


  • Internal tweaks.

# Proposify 2.6.29

February 5, 2020

What's New

  • [Editor] We've added the signatures & input forms button in the section editor. Now you can add a signature button from the section editor, and have that button imported directly into a template/proposal.


  • [Preview] Fixed a bug that would cut off the sign & accept flag when the proposal is in landscape format.
  • [PDF] Squashed a bug that would shrink client input forms when converted to PDF. Were the tiny forms adorable? Yes. Useful? No.
  • [Snapshot] Resolved an issue that would prevent a client from updating in the Snapshot page, even if updated from Settings.
  • [Salesforce App Exchange] We've made some minor bug fixes and improvements to our Appex app. Stay tuned for some juicier updates in the future.

# Proposify 2.6.28

January 29, 2020

What's New

  • We've added a new layer of preview settings: Template Settings! With this feature, your documents created from a template will automatically have those settings applied. Click here for more info.
  • On top of that, we've included a new feature: Audit Trails. Activated in Template Settings, this feature adds an extra layer of legal protection by appending an audit log at the end of a downloaded PDF. This includes a list of edits, signatures, and activity after a proposal has been viewed, won, or lost. Click here to get the scoop on this useful new feature.
  • But wait! There's more! We've included a third new feature: Manual totals! You can now manually set the value of a proposal without needing fee tables. If you don't want to use fee tables and are tired of seeing a big "$0" in your proposals, then this is for you. Click here to learn more!


  • [Salesforce] We updated our integration to provide "fresh out of the dryer" data when clicking Sync Proposal Data. You'll get the warm and fuzzies with your data syncs now.
  • [Preview] Fixed an issue in the Preview Page which would cut off the ellipsis menu if there were no accept/decline buttons present.
  • [Images] Squashed a very stubborn bug that would turn edited PNG image backgrounds black.

# Proposify 2.6.27

January 27, 2020

What's New

  • [Content Library] Improved how signature buttons and form fields are saved in the content library. The improvement: signature buttons and form fields are now included with the section when saving to the content library. When you duplicate a proposal, those your form fields and signature boxes will be assigned to your new client.


  • [Snapshot] Added more instances where the activity feed will show the send reminder button.
  • [Editor] Improved how clicking and dragging elements works while zoomed in on a page.
  • [Editor] Fixed a bug that would not allow people to edit sections created in our previous version of the app.

# Proposify 2.6.26

January 22, 2020


  • [Templates] Added the ability to hover over a template in the template library to expand its name. This should help users with template names longer than our character lim...
  • [Salesforce] Updated our custom field mappings to better reflect what you see in Salesforce, rather than what the admin sees.
  • [Permissions] Fixed an issue where users could edit section permissions when stored in a folder with waterfall permissions set. The Cliff notes: these permissions were chasing waterfalls.

# Proposify 2.6.25

January 20, 2020


  • [Preview] Resolved an issue that removed the preview settings bar from the Client Preview page.

# Proposify 2 .6.24

January 15, 2020

What's New

  • [Salesforce] Dynamic fee tables have arrived! This feature allows you to pull your items from Salesforce Products directly into your proposal. Click here to learn more about how it works!


  • [Snapshot] Removed the client preview link in the Snapshot page if a user hasn't received approval for release.
  • [Preview] Also added an extra lock to client preview links when the proposal has not been approved.
  • [Content Tables] Squished a bug that would remove an entire cell in a content table, making it uneditable. Kind of like when an angry intern takes all the office supplies with them when they leave.
  • [Fee Tables] Fixed an issue where double-clicking a cell in a fee table would move the cursor to the next cell when typing.

# Proposify 2.6.23

January 13, 2020


  • [Users] Clarified some confusion surrounding the proposal count in the Users page. We fixed this by removing that count.
  • [Preview] Fixed an issue where clicking the internal preview link would make our app think that an outside person was viewing the proposal.

# Proposify 2.6.22-1

January 9, 2020


  • [Variables] Fixed a bug that would show the date the proposal was created in the {date_accepted} variable when downloading a proposal to PDF.

# Proposify 2.6.22

January 8, 2020

What's New

  • [Content library] We've made some UI tweaks to how you create sections from your content library. We've also included importing a PDF as a section directly from your content library.


  • [Integrations] Fixed an issue where create a new deal would remain the default setting in a stream, even when that option was de-selected in the integrations menu. It now does what you tell it to do.
  • [Editor] Resolved an issue that would delete signature buttons and form fields if a user manually saved more than once.
  • [Highrise] Squashed a bug that would hide existing deals in the integration dropdown menu.
  • [Salesforce] We've heard your feedback when linking to an existing Salesforce opportunity. You've said that changing the due date, title, and value of an that oppty was... [checks notes] bad. We've removed this to keep your opportunities unchanged.
  • [Salesforce] Resolved an issue where clicking on a linked opportunity in Proposal Settings would show random characters in the dropdown.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed a trigger jam when creating a new opportunity from a Proposify proposal.

# Proposify 2.6.21

January 6, 2020


  • We've made some improvements to our developer logging. This is perfect timing for our engineering and QA teams, many of whom resolved to reduce their caffeine intake in 2020.

# Proposify 2.6.20

January 2, 2020


  • We implemented some internal process changes. #newyearnewyou

# Proposify 2.6.19

December 11, 2019

What's New

  • [QuickBooks] We've updated our QuickBooks integration to follow their new OAuth2 framework. This allows for a more secure connection between Proposify and QuickBooks. While this won't affect most of our users, some accounts may need to re-set their integration. Click here for a guide on how to do that.


  • [General] Fixed a bug in our search fields. A user would get different search results if a user pressed enter or just used the suggested results. They now show the same result.

# Proposify 2.6.18

December 9, 2019


  • [PDF] Squashed a bug that would show the {date_submitted} variable when converting a proposal to a PDF.
  • [Integrations] Made some speed improvements to pulling deals/opportunities from Salesforce and Hubspot. We'll now load the most recent deals/opportunities instead of the test ones you made 5 years ago.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed a bug that stopped the enable dynamic tables checkbox in the Salesforce Appex app from functioning. In other words, we've re-enabled enabling.
  • [Salesforce] Resolved an issue that allowed our admins to select a deactivated Salesforce Opportunity stage during the set-up process.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed a problem that would cause a duplicate company to be generated in Salesforce.

# Proposify 2.6.17-1

December 4, 2019


  • [Fees] Squashed a bug that made editable quantities uneditable.
  • [Content Tables] Resolved an issue that would prevent edits to the fourth column in a fee table.

# Proposify 2.6.17

December 4, 2019


  • [Security] Added an extra layer of security around our attachment links. The first suggestion was a piranha moat but that was nixed by engineering as "too hard to implement".
  • [Editor] Fixed a bug that would stop changes from being saved when adding a list to a text box
  • [Snapshot] Resolved an issue preventing people from easily sending reminder emails from the snapshot page.
  • [Salesforce] Updated the look of dynamic tables. This should help to more easily differentiate them from normal, boring tables.
  • [Salesforce] Added some more detailed error messages when something goes wrong with importing a mapped custom field.

# Proposify 2.6.16-1

December 2, 2019


  • [Onboarding] Squashed a bug that caused the editor to freeze when clicking the onboarding guide's let's do this button.

# Proposify 2.6.16

December 2, 2019

What's New

  • [Salesforce] Added a sync proposal data button to the editor. This helps you pull your Salesforce data without having to go to the proposal settings page.
  • [Editor] We’ve made it easier to add sections to your proposal/template. Now you can create and import sections all from one menu.


  • [Salesforce] Made some improvements to how we import long text with our Salesforce custom field mapping tool.
  • [Salesforce] Resolved an issue where some mapped custom fields weren’t cleared when disconnecting Salesforce.
  • [Fees] The description portion of a line item would often leave a ghost space if no description was available. We’ve hired an exorcist to clear that so you can use that space for something better.
  • [Fees] Fixed an issue where the cursor would go directly to the description line in a page flow fee table.
  • [Fees] Fixed a bug that would delete the entire fee description when trying to delete a line break. You may have noticed this release has a theme.

# Proposify 2.6.15

November 27, 2019


  • [Salesforce] We improved how we handle changes on dynamic fee tables if you disconnect or downgrade your Salesforce integration. You can now deactivate your dynamic fee tables if you disconnect the Salesforce integration.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed an issue so custom fields empty properly. Now, if you clear custom fields in Salesforce, they clear in Proposify.
  • [Salesforce] We improved how permissions work on your dynamic fee tables.
  • [Salesforce] Created a Geolocation field in the Salesforce integration.
  • [Salesforce] Eliminated an issue where if a new custom field was created you couldn’t access the button again to create another one.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed a problem where contact information wasn’t properly updating from Proposify to Salesforce.

# Proposify 2.6.14

November 25, 2019

What's New

  • [Content Library] We've made improvements to how you save sections to your content library! We've removed the "push/pull" from the revision history and simplified versioning. This lets you save and restore versions of your work straight from the section menu. Click here for more details.
  • [Salesforce] For Salesforce users on our Venti plan, we now have a sync proposal data button in the proposal detail panel. This lets you pull your opportunity details from Salesforce without having to navigate to the proposal settings page.


  • [Snapshot] Fixed the bug that created an unreadable, 0kb PDF file from the snapshot page. We're striving for file efficiency but may have gone a bit too far.
  • [Editor] Resolved an issue with our form fields tool that wouldn’t let you move it around with the arrow keys. (Side note: you can move elements around with arrow keys!)
  • [Salesforce] Removed the 255 character limit on fields being pulled from Salesforce. Your string fields can now be longer than a tweet!
  • [Salesforce] Improved field mapping so when you delete a custom field in Proposify it also deletes the setting from your field mapping page.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed an error that would occur when pulling a contact without a state/province.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed an issue in custom field mapping where users couldn't map a new field after deleting an existing one.

# Proposify 2.6.13

November 20, 2019

What's New

  • [Salesforce] We’ve launched the newest update to our Salesforce integration for Venti customers: Custom Field Mapping! Pull your custom fields from Salesforce to populate important content from your opportunity to your proposal.

    Are you a Salesforce user looking to take advantage of this awesome new feature? Talk to our sales team to have Salesforce custom field mapping added to your plan. Already have this feature? Click here for a quick guide.


  • [Editor] Fixed a bug that occurred when uploading a PDF as a section, where the source colours would turn funky once imported into the proposal. It turns out people don't want a retro photo filter in their proposals.
  • [Clients] Resolved an error hitting some users when opening the clients tab.
  • [Pipeline/Clients/Content Library] Made some improvements to our search tool. It now pulls results for content using accented characters.

# Proposify 2.6.12

November 18, 2019

What's New

  • [Editor] We've added a new feature to our Venti plans: proposal forwarding and unassigned signatures. You can now create "placeholder" signatures on your proposal that let your prospect forward it to a signee unknown to you. Click here for more info.


  • [Account settings] Fixed a bug that prevented people from updating their company info without including company size.
  • [PDF] Fixed a PDF translation bug where soft returns would add extra space in the PDF, making soft line breaks very hard.
  • [Zapier] Resolved a problem with our Zapier integration that was preventing us from pulling custom fields to Proposify.
  • [Hubspot] Resolved a problem with a recent update that was preventing our Hubspot integration from communicating with Proposify.

# Proposify 2.6.11

November 14, 2019


  • [Preview] Added a "delete" button to comments left in the client preview page. Hopefully this reduces awkward “my cat jumped on the keyboard” messages from your prospect.
  • [Editor] Resolved a bug where deleting a fee row would delete the entire table. Blood pressure from both our customers and our support team should be dropping soon.

# Proposify 2.6.10

November 12, 2019


  • [Editor] Fixed a bug caused by a recent editor update. It made variables in a list lose the space between them.
  • [Preview] Resolved an issue in the Preview page where updating an editable quantity would make the total appear, even when it was hidden.
  • [Pipeline] Fixed a regression where client activity wouldn't appear in the activity feed. Once again, your team will be able to track when your prospect repeatedly opens the proposal. Again, and again, and again...
  • [Editor] Solved an issue where the integration error message would overlap with elements using the editor's "proposal settings" tool.

# Proposify 2.6.09

November 6, 2019


  • [PDF] The recent improvements to our PDF tool left out some of our integrations. This led to a bunch of error emails, so we helped our integration system work better with the new PDF process. Sorry for making “inbox zero” harder to achieve.
  • [Editor] Resolved an issue in the editor where your chosen ordered/unordered list style wouldn't move to the next page in page flow. Common feedback on this was:
    1. This is annoying.
    b. It leads to some confusing lists
    iii. A fix would be appreciated
  • [Editor] Squashed a bug in page flow sections where imported fees wouldn't flow to a new page. They now do.

# Proposify 2.6.08

November 4, 2019

What's New

  • [Editor] Added a new element to our text editor: Superscript and Subscript.


  • [Editor] Fixed an issue where deleting a line with custom formatting would also delete the formatting.
  • [Email] Resolved an issue where some people weren't being notified that their email was too long, even though it very much was. We were just too polite to speak up.
  • [Permissions] Resolved an issue where a user in a role with “assign proposals” disabled would be able to assign proposals.
  • [Email] Addressed a regression with our previous bug fix, where the reply-to field in reminder emails would show as the account owner. Now, we've expanded that fix to customers who have linked their email client to Proposify.
  • [Clients] Trying to change the settings in a proposal where the client was deleted used take you to the “your clients” page. We've since realized that's not where you wanted to go when you’d clicked "proposal settings" and now take you to the right place.
  • [PDF] Resolved an issue where the PDF version of a table would include extra space in the footer.
  • [PDF] Also resolved an issue where downloading a PDF copy of your proposal in the preview page wouldn't be recorded in the activity feed. Invisible hard copies were appropriately spooky for Halloween, but it's November now.

# Proposify 2.6.07

October 30, 2019


  • [HubSpot] Made an adjustment to our HubSpot integration to use their new error logging method. The change: the big red error banner will now show letters as well as numbers in the error code. If you see this update in action, reach out to our support team.

# Proposify 2.6.06

October 28, 2019

What's New

  • [Snapshot] Made your proposal’s activity feed more awesome. Now you’ll see the specific time and date of the activity, converted to your time zone.

    We’ll also store PDF versions of your proposal when it’s sent, won, lost, or downloaded(by you or your client). That way you can keep a document record during those mid-negotiation changes.


  • [Preview] We fixed the preview's "dummy loader" (the proposal image we show while everything loads). Now the variables in your proposal won't be so glaringly obvious. It’s kind of like when {absurd_joke_9F}.
  • [Preview] We improved how fee tables look for customers opening your proposal in Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge.
  • [Editor] Fixed an issue where restoring an archived proposal would lock the proposal's value, even after changing the fees.
  • [Template Gallery] Updated some of our older templates to include editable footers for fee tables.
  • [Hubspot] Improved the unlink and delete option in Hubspot. The improvement: It now works.

# Proposify 2.6.05

October 23, 2019


  • [Fee tables] We made a small UX tweak to the fee tables, disabling the alignment button in the WYSIWYG toolbar when editing a cell.
  • [Video] Resolved an issue where pausing at a certain time in one video would resume another video in the proposal at that same time.
  • [Repeaters] Fixed an issue blocking users from editing image repeaters.
  • [Salesforce premium] Updated our API to pull client data in an orderly fashion instead of a “black Friday sale stampede” approach.
  • [Form fields] Fixed an issue where restoring a proposal with a deleted user/client would keep their form fields active, even when they don’t exist.
  • [Content library] Squashed a bug that prevented some users from accessing their snippet and fee libraries.

# Proposify 2.6.04

October 21, 2019


  • [API] Added two extra calls to our API beta to better track proposal activity.
  • [Client preview] We added some more updates to our language translations in the preview page.
  • [Client preview] We also fixed a translation issue where some months lost accents when being previewed in French. Désolé pour la confusion!
  • [Fee tables] Fixed a bug where adding and deleting rows in a page flow fee table would stop working after a while.
  • [Fee tables] Fixed a bug where if two words were typed into a discount name, you'd only see the first word. This led to some unnecessary confusion around "grandfather discounts".
  • [Table styles] Fixed an issue where clicking reset table style on an older table wouldn't reset the table style.
  • [Fee library] Fixed an issue where uploading fees from a CSV could force some of those fees to be optional.
  • [Permissions] Closed a permissions loophole where people could "edit" fees by using the copy to fee library button.
  • [Editor] Fixed issue where video boxes in the editor would explode when trying to resize them in the editor. Resolved with more controlled explosions.
  • [Editor] Fixed a bug where importing certain sections would boot users out of the proposal editor, saying the proposal is locked.
  • [Plans] Had an issue where the billing page forced clients to remove free seats when trying to update a credit card.
  • [Content tables] Resolved an issue where adding a cell to a row wouldn't take stand-alone formatting applied to that row.
  • [Email template] Fixed an issue where some variables in the variables menu were cut off within the email editor.
  • [Salesforce premium] Fixed an issue in our Salesforce App Exchange app which would prevent updating the proposal lead name when exiting the editor.

# Proposify 2.6.03

October 16, 2019


  • [Commenting] Fixed an issue where you could only @mention a person if they were in the same workspace as you.
  • [Salesforce Premium] Made it easier to automatically move a proposal to "proposal created" when working from the App Exchange app.
  • [Client Preview] Made some updates to our language translations for the client previews.
  • [Send Page] Fixed an issue where specific markup on an email template would not load in the send screen. Yes your email template was still there, Proposify apparently just didn't like what you did with it.
  • [Fee Library] Fixed an issue where importing fees with accented characters would produce things that were definitely NOT accented characters.
  • [Editor] Improved the ability to resize videos within the editor. The improvement: it doesn't explode anymore.
  • [Editor] Fixed an issue where fee tables would turn into content tables if a content table was inserted before a fee table. Yeah, that sentence made me cross-eyed too.

# Proposify 2.6.02

October 9, 2019


  • [Security] Found and fixed a security loophole where sneaky users from one account could edit another account's sections and pages.
  • [Pipeline] Discovered and fixed an issue where a proposal can remain in the "unsigned" queue, even when all signatures are present. Turns out it happened if a customer signed a different signature box from the same proposal, in a different tab, from within the same browser. We have no idea why anyone does that. But now things will work properly for them.
  • [Pipeline] Fixed a weird issue where people would see "Day(s) Left in Trial" the moment they logged into their account, along with a bunch of missing buttons. It was like coming home early to find your dog hosting a book club: confusing and very wrong.
  • [Clients] Fixed an issue where dashes and brackets weren't allowed in the “phone number” field when adding a client.
  • [Salesforce Premium] Added an additional feature to our API. It allows for better syncing between Salesforce and Proposify in the app exchange widget.
  • [Salesforce Premium] Added an extra additional feature to our API. This one helps people search for exact company names while using our app exchange app.
  • [Zoho] Fixed an issue where a proposal linked to a deal in Zoho would fail. This was due to brackets in the clients' names. Fixed it by telling Zoho "they're just bendy Ls".

# Proposify 2.6.01

October 7, 2019

What's New

  • [Pipeline] We've launched the beta test for our new Pipeline improvements. If you're a killer closer with thousands of proposals in your pipeline, this will help you keep your load times down. Is your company's sales activity turning your pipeline into a slog? Talk to our support team and join our test program!


  • [Content Library] Improved enforcement of our permissions feature so it boots users who try to do things they shouldn't. We just needed to hire a more intimidating bouncer.
  • [Editor] Lists will no longer break their formatting in Pageflow. We swear we can count, even if there's more than one page.
  • [Activity Feed] Fixed an activity feed issue. It would show activity using the permissions of the highest-ranked user who logged in from the same browser on the same computer. The number of “espionage”-based accusations should stop. It turns out we were the moles all along.
  • [Video] The issue where Vimeo videos play simultaneously within the same section has been resolved. Fun fact: "multimedia" doesn't mean all media at once.
  • [Salesforce] Specific to our Salesforce premium integration: We've added an error message when a custom field being pulled contains more than 255 characters.
  • [Salesforce] We fixed a PHP error that occurred when connecting Salesforce to an account, then updating a proposal.
  • [Zoho] Speaking of PHP errors, we fixed a similar error in the proposal settings page if you have Zoho is connected along with Salesforce.
  • [Zoho] Fixed an issue where an updated due date in proposify wouldn't change in Zoho.

# Proposify 2.6.0

October 2, 2019

What's New

  • [Salesforce] We've added a new feature to our Salesforce premium integration: custom field mapping! This lets you take your string fields from opportunities and link them directly to your proposal custom fields in Proposify.
  • [Preview] Also new to Proposify: presentation mode! Find yourself in a sales call and need to make a presentation on the fly? Your proposal can now enter "presentation mode", turning your proposal into a full-screen, keyboard-navigated deck. Click here to learn more.


  • [Editor] Updated the proposal settings slider in the editor so you can add contacts the same way you would working directly from the proposal settings page. If we make something pretty, we should make it pretty everywhere.
  • [Page Flow] Fixed an issue where our ordered lists in page flow text boxes would lose count after flowing to a new page.
  • [Page Flow] Fixed an issue where indented lists would no longer be indented when flowing to a new page.
  • [Page Flow] Also fixed an issue where ordered lists would go haywire if the first item was deleted and the user pressed enter. Lesson learned: don't make your lists like a Jenga tower.

# Proposify 2.5.9

October 1, 2019


  • [Editor] Fixed an issue where duplicating a page would only load the first page in that duplicate. The rest would just be fuzzy jpegs. Don't worry, your eye prescription was fine. It was us.
  • [Zapier] We updated our Zapier integration’s “total” value in the sample to show an actual value. This replaces the previous value: "one gajillion dollars", which we've been informed is not an actual number.
  • [Permissions] Closed a permissions loophole where people could edit duplicated sections.
  • [Zoho] Fixed an issue where Zoho stages weren't appearing in dropdown menu options when Zoho had a non-english language setting. We swear we weren't trying to exclude the french. #Canadajokes
  • [HubSpot] Fixed an issue where we'd keep attempting to make the same invalid update repeatedly, even after HubSpot told us it was invalid. As of this fix, our restraining orders from HubSpot have dropped dramatically.

# Proposify 2.5.8

September 23, 2019

What's New

  • [Marketing] We made a release notes page! 🎉
  • [Onboarding] We improved our onboarding questionnaire to more easily allow people to opt-in to our marketing messages


  • [Security] We beefed up security a couple of weeks ago. Now we're putting a system in place to better sort the good guys (you) from the bad guys (hackers, scammers, people who put fish in the office microwave).
  • [Security] Added some more security features preventing our customers from being awful to other people.
  • [Salesforce] We've added a new feature to our API that allows people to see if they have certain custom fields mapped from Salesforce to Proposify.
  • [Insightly] We've upgraded our Insightly integration to support the newest version of the software. Our integration doesn't do anything new, so it's less like getting a new car and more like getting your car washed.
  • [Zapier] We updated our Zapier integration’s “total” value in the sample to show an actual value.
  • [Zapier] Created a new zapier trigger "New Proposal Reminder". Our next zap: poking the customer until they sign.
  • [Zapier] You can now see who triggered a "proposal viewed" event in Zapier, letting you more easily keep track of why you keep receiving all of these emails.
  • [Quickbooks] Fixed an error where invoices with "%something" being generated provided HTML code as an error message. Turns out the site thought you were talking directly to it.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed an issue where custom fields weren't cleared in Salesforce when they were cleared in Proposify. This updates our previous version: assuming you'd hired a custodian.
  • [Salesforce] Related to the previous Salesforce fix, this will now prevent an error message that appears when making a proposal with an ex-mapped field. Never send a message to your ex.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed a permissions issue with Salesforce’s chatter feeds. We downgraded the status check from “that giant death machine from Robocop” to something a little more friendly.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed it so the system doesn’t keep trying to do the thing if it makes an error. You know what they say about insanity...
  • [Salesforce] We created an error message when generating a proposal in Proposify. If there are mandatory fields in SalesForce, an error will occur if those mandatory fields aren't filled out. When we say it's mandatory, we don't mean maybe!
  • [HubSpot] Fixed a hiccup in with HubSpot deals. Now, linking a HubSpot deal to a proposal doesn't move your deal backwards in the pipeline. Instead, it'll stay where it was. Sit. Stay. Good Dog.

# Proposify 2.5.7-1

September 18, 2019


  • [Integrations] We updated our integration error email to send less frequently if they’re related to the same issue. We also changed the email address in the message from to one that exists.
  • [Editor] We’ve updated how our numbered lists work when housed in a page flow text box. Now the list will continue its sequence throughout the pages, even when our editor gets confused about large bodies of text. Proposify: Bringing order to ordered lists.

# Proposify 2.5.7

September 16, 2019

What's New

  • [Internal] Added some A/B testing tools to our accounts, giving us new ways to experiment on some new features with users who opt-in for beta testing. We still get to keep the sinister-looking lab coats and rubber gloves, right?


  • [Onboarding] We added a phone number field to our registration page. So far, our data shows that most of our users have the same number: 867-5309.
  • [Internal] We've also added some updated PHP testing on the app to help catch bugs before they're released. I've been assured that this is just code and not a giant bag of spiders we're releasing into the office.
  • [Input Forms] Fixed an issue where deleting a user would keep all of their input forms active. This reduces that awkward conversation "Hey, I know you just left, but could you fill this out for me?"
  • [Pipeline] Fixed a weird issue involving the activity feed. It would say a proposal was signed after a client clicked the "sign here" button and then do nothing for 2 hours. Now it sends them to a blog post on how to curb indecision.
  • [Editor] We updated our editor's text input function. Now, it's much easier to see the cursor when you add an inline image or table.
  • [HubSpot] HubSpot Integration: fixed a timeout issue with our widget, leading to a blank page
  • [Salesforce] Salesforce Integration: fixed an error that occurred when inputting an incorrect opportunity name in proposal settings. Turns out the opportunity needs to exist in order for us to work with it.

# Proposify 2.5.6

September 11, 2019


  • [Back End]We extended the time you can remain inactive in Proposify to 4 hours. Perfect for times when that "quick question" turns into a 3-hour gauntlet.
  • [Input Forms] Stopped our fillable forms from blocking people trying to collect information that was safer than a credit card. No, you still can't collect confidential payment info, but now IBANs and phone numbers are fair game
  • [Email] We fixed how reminder emails are sent from the Snapshot. Now the reply-to will be the proposal lead instead of the account owner. No more random reminders from the head honcho scaring off your clients!
  • [Editor] Fixed an issue where using variables in fixed fee tables wouldn't populate the total.
  • [Salesforce] Fixed an issue with our Salesforce integration where input forms weren't populating in the Chatter feed. Our input boxes are now chatter boxes!
  • [Zoho] We've improved our site's sync rate with Zoho from "Weekend Dad" to "Helicopter Parent". Now proposal details update when the proposal is created, as well as when you futz with the settings.

# Proposify >2.5.6

August 26, 2019

What's New

Rather than go through a year's worth of tiny tweaks and bug fixes that everyone already forgot about, here are all of the cool new things we made this year:


  • Our first project of the year was a late Christmas present to the Sales and Support teams: an upgrade to our admin panel! It gave us more details at a glance and allowed us to have more control over the account without having to bug devs.


  • We improved the Proposal Preview, including adding the ability to colour the background and add logos.
  • We added Client Input Forms, a new feature that lets you collect much-needed information from your clients.
  • We also beefed up our Salesforce integration to allow for a live, two-way sync.
  • Speaking of Salesforce, we also launched a public beta of our Salesforce App Exchange app. It lets you build and send proposals straight from Salesforce, without the need for an extra browser tab in Proposify.
  • We made some improvements to the Hubspot client import tool, including adding more things that could be pulled. We also removed mass-importing as a feature.


  • Folders! We added an additional organization tool for users who wanted more than tags to sort their content. We also added “waterfall permissions” to these folders, so you could easily set permissions by throwing them into an appropriate folder.
  • The Proposify Partner Program officially launched! We’re now able to give some real rewards to people who recommend our service.
  • In April, we updated the cancellation process to make it easier for customers and the support team to cancel accounts. In addition, we let the account remain active until the billing period expired rather than cancel immediately. This gave people time to make sure the lights were off and everything packed up before checking out for the last time.
  • We officially closed mass contact importing from our other integrations, not just Hubspot. Instead, we made it easier than ever to import individual contacts you DID need where you needed them.


  • We updated how the type styles function worked and added a few extra improvements to the WYSIWIG toolbar.
  • We collected feedback and issues with our Salesforce App Exchange app and wrote a list of how it should work outside of Beta. We are working with the dev team now to make it perfect.
  • We added even more text editor improvements! Now you can save your current text styling as the new default from the type styles dropdown.
  • We began work on a tool that would let you know when your integration’s API code is out of date. Kind of like when you get married and suddenly people talk to you differently.


  • We created a new tool for our certified partners and support team: the ability to transfer templates to other accounts with the click of a button. No more hours of redundant manual entry!
  • We made it easier to clear formatting. Now you can click the button and the formatting will clear, even if nothing was highlighted.
  • We launched the new edit styles and formatting button, your one-stop shop for styling your content.


  • We created a new Enterprise Accounts tool, allowing large customers and franchises to create “sub-accounts”, that are linked to the main account. Now sub-accounts can use their accounts without having to worry about interfering with other franchises.


We spent August focusing on improving the app, welcoming and onboarding new team members, and setting the framework for some cool new things coming out soon. Keep an eye on future release notes to see what those were!