In our Proposify Improvement Era: Product Update Spring 2023

We may be in our Proposify Improvement era, but really it’s all about helping you get into your Killer Closer era.

Don’t worry—you don’t have to be a Swiftie (or even know what one is) to take advantage of some fresh updates and Proposify Pro tips we’ve got lined up for you.

Product Update Spring 2023: in our Proposify Improvement Era

NEW: Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO)

A lot of Salesforce users have been asking for SSO, so we’re happy to be able to roll it out to our Business plan customers to streamline your login workflow and enhance security.

Now, instead of managing a separate password, your sales reps and other users can log into Proposify through Salesforce or Okta.

This is available for Business plan customers only so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get Salesforce Single Sign-On turned on in your account.

Get all the details about set-up, configuration, and troubleshooting in our Knowledge Base

Screenshot of SalesForce sign-on
Screenshot of Proposify app allowing access to SalesForce

HELP US TEST: Salesforce Custom Objects & Fields

Until now, our Salesforce managed package only worked with Opportunity, Account, Contact, and standard Price List objects, but many of our customers use custom objects in Salesforce to manage their opportunities.

Our support for fields has also been very limited. To get data from Salesforce into proposals, you had to create separate custom fields in Proposify and map them to a Salesforce field.

Not only is this manual and time consuming, but it also affects the data itself. For example, if you use a field type in Salesforce that is more complex than simple text, like a picklist, date, or formula, it converts to text in Proposify, requiring workarounds to get the data in.

The good news is that we’re currently working on a way to allow you to map your proposals to any object in Salesforce and bring data from any type of field directly into a document! No more creating duplicate fields and mapping them in Proposify— you’ll be able to open the variables picker, scroll to your Salesforce fields, and pick whatever field you want to bring into a document.

WE NEED TESTERS: We’re anxious to get this functionality ready for you, and we’re looking for some Business plan customers to test it with us. If you’re on the Business plan and would like to help us test Salesforce custom objects and fields, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Proposify Pro Tips:

Customize Document Previews

Did you know you can fully customize how proposals appear to your prospective customers?

If you are logged into Proposify and open a specific document for the client preview, you can click on “Edit Preview Settings” in the upper right corner to reveal a panel.

Here you can choose to hide the Accept/Decline buttons, change the language and date formatting to your specific location, add password protect the document, turn off the total pricing in the bottom, and even change the background colour to reflect your brand.

Screenshot of customizing a template in Proposify

If you’d like to make these changes globally to all of your future proposals, go to Settings > Client Preview Settings, and make the changes there. It won’t change your existing documents, but it will ensure that all documents created after this point use the new settings.

Client preview settings

Apply Changes to All Templates

Have you ever gone into a section in your proposal to make a change, but then realized that you want the same changes applied to all of your templates that use that section?

You don’t need to manually change every section in every template (phew!). Instead, when saving the section to the content library, check the box that says “Apply this update to templates” and magically, all your templates that use that section will be updated!

Saving template to library in Proposify

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In our Proposify Improvement Era: Product Update Spring 2023

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