Service Proposal Template To Close Deals

Use our service proposal template to pitch housekeeping, grocery delivery, personal assistance, styling, or any other luxury or professional service. Included are a beautiful cover page, a clean and simple introduction letter, and a description of services. The service proposal also helps you showcase your company as the best for the job with team bios and a “Why Choose Us” page.

Template details

All of our templates are 100% customizable so you can edit the copy, design, images, and layout to suit your business, brand, and client project. Our online signature feature delivers 60% faster client approval and makes the proposal legally binding.

  • 100% customizable
  • Edit and download
  • Pre-written proposal letter example
  • Interactive pricing tables
  • Embed videos
  • Free e-signature tool

What’s included in this service proposal template?

An eye-catching cover page

This beautiful cover page is easy to customize. Pick your two main colors. Then swap out your logo and add a photo.

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An introduction letter

Use the cover letter to bring attention to how you will help the client achieve their goals. Highlight the best aspects of your pitch.

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An about us page

This proposal template also has an about us page so you can share your company's founding story, experience, awards, specialization, etc.

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Team bios to sell your experience

The team page includes photos, names, and titles so you can show off the team behind all the magic.

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Descriptions of your services

There are separate blocks that you can use to describe different services, or elements that are always included.

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Reasons the client should choose your company

Make it crystal clear why the client should choose you. Embed a video pitch, or replace the video with text or bullet points.

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Pricing tables with options

This template includes beautifully formatted tables with three subscription plans to choose from. You can easily add or remove options.

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Agreement and legally binding e-signatures

Seal the deal with a contract and e-signature page. Link out to your terms and conditions, or add them directly to the proposal.

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Frequently asked questions about service proposal templates

A great service proposal is a well-thought-out, concise pitch that highlights the most important details. No need for fluffy, verbose language. Put your differentiators front and center, whether that's your portfolio samples, your extensive experience, the speed of delivery, or the enjoyable client experience.

Make sure your writing matches your brand voice — whether that's calm and professional or quirky and fun.

To start using this template, you'll need to create a Proposify account. Start your free 14-day trial, with no credit card required. You'll then be able to update the colors, photos, and text for the service proposal. Our hope is that you'll love our features enough to stick around, but you can always download the proposal as a PDF and save it for continued use without becoming a Proposify customer. To create your own content library with interchangeable snippets and easily create update proposals at any time, you'll want to sign up for a Proposify subscription.

Go over everything your clients need to know to say “yes” to working with you. If you want your proposal to close, make sure to include these key sections: a cover letter that highlights the most important details of your pitch; company info and bios for all of your team members; a description of your services; and the proposed cost or pricing options.

You might also want to include additional pages to further clarify your services, such as timelines, deliverables, project phases, a list of what isn't included, what the client needs to provide, etc. The more complicated or expensive your service, the more details you should provide in order to give the client full peace of mind.

When you use Proposify to send proposals, you experience many benefits as a sales team. Your sales and operations leaders can finally gain control over the entire proposal process. They’ll be able to limit the content to approved templates and proposal snippets that can be mixed and matched to craft the perfect pitch for each client. This yields brand consistency across the organization. Teams also gain visibility with client activity tracking, open proposal tracking, and closing analytics across regions, teams, and services.

A service proposal is a document that outlines a proposed agreement for a professional service. The intention of the proposal is to sell your services, showcase your company as a capable service provider, and clarify what the offer entails to eliminate any disagreements or confusion during the project or ongoing relationship.

Move over PDFs. There's a much better way to send your proposal than attaching a PDF to an email. For a more professional client experience, send a digital proposal that can be viewed in a web browser. Why? Because your clients will be able to click a link in the email and open the proposal without downloading anything. More importantly, they can review it, leave comments, select their pricing options and add-ons, and e-sign to begin the contract.