Keyed Up Over Unauthorized Design Changes? Proposify’s Element Locking Feature Secures Your Proposal Assets

Sales reps rearranging even the smallest design elements in your proposals and templates can cause huge headaches. Here’s how securing your images, backgrounds, text boxes and more helps you stay in control of your branding and layout.

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You may have heard this one before: The marketing team spends hours designing professional-looking templates with each element perfectly aligned. Then a sales rep comes in hot trying to get a customized proposal out the door. One false mouse move and….

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Now the proposal design is wonky, your branding is off, and a text box from page three has somehow gone missing.

No need to call the brand police. Your Proposify proposals now have a new level of security detail with the Locking & Selecting Elements feature. This editor feature helps you put all your template design details on lockdown.

You keep control, reining in unintentional edits and preventing messy mishaps. That means anyone on your team can create a custom proposal without the worry that their changes will inadvertently cause design chaos.

Here’s how easy it is.

Lock in your approved elements

You can secure any design element—including images, colour blocks and shapes, and text boxes—within the proposal template by simply selecting it and locking it in place using the padlock icon.

When this icon is activated and shows as a locked padlock, that means the asset is on full lockdown. This prevents the element from being deleted, repositioned, duplicated, or edited.

Layer it on

So how do you know if an element is locked or unlocked? And what happens when you want to work with locked and unlocked elements that have been layered on top of each other?

locking an image layer in proposify

Right-click on any element to see any layered elements behind it. This allows you to quickly and easily select the one you want to work with. No more hard-to-find hidden assets or accidentally selecting and rearranging the wrong ones.

easily locking layers example from proposify

Want to see the Locking and Selecting Elements feature in action? Check out this quick video my fellow Proposi-peep Allan made for you:

The keys to a good proposal template are professional design and ease of use. With our new Locking and Selecting Elements feature, you have the confidence of knowing your perfect mix of branding, content, and design elements will stay locked in place as your sales team keeps locking in deals with quick, customized proposals.

Keyed Up Over Unauthorized Design Changes? Proposify’s Element Locking Feature Secures Your Proposal Assets

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