How to Create Business Proposals Your Sales AND Marketing Teams Love [Infographic]

Can your proposal process really have it all? You could produce a gorgeous, fully designed proposal—that takes forever to create. Okay, so you send out quick, generic proposals—but they don’t have the power to persuade prospects. And insight into where proposals are in your pipeline? Forget it. But it’s easier than you think to put together proposals that your whole team AND your prospects love. This infographic shows you what you need.

how to create proposals that both sales and marketing love

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What’s the best way to make sure that your proposals meet the specifications of both sales and marketing? Design it like a car.

First, let me give you some examples of proposal creation processes that will steer you in the wrong direction.

Using PDFs for your proposals is like driving a 1994 Ford Mustang. Sure, that format and a mid-90s Mustang are popular choices but neither has a lot going on under the hood. 

And Microsoft Word-based proposals are the equivalent of a 2002 Ford Thunderbird: a janky throwback that’s somehow neither nostalgic nor modern.

So if we’re continuing with the proposals-as-cars theme, you want your proposals to be more like a classic sports car. They’re well-designed and look great but also come with many powerful features. They’re capable and fun to use.

This infographic shows the parts of a proposal process that will create sales documents that appeal to your sales operations team, sales managers and reps, marketing department and, of course, your prospects.

How to Create Business Proposals Your Sales AND Marketing Teams Love [Infographic]

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