Proposify Powers Up with Insightly and Zoho!

On May 7th, 2016 we welcome two of the newest integrations to the Proposify team - Insightly and Zoho! We’ve also spent the past month zapping bugs and enhancing the editor. The result? A more streamlined and fluid Proposify!

Proposify's Zoho Integration Launch

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Our integration with Insightly will make the CRM and project management side of the sales process even easier. To connect your integration, click on Account Settings and select Insightly.

To connect the integration, you'll need your API key from your Insightly account, which can be found in your user settings near the bottom.

Once you've entered your API key, connected to Insightly, and have a pipeline, you can select the stages you want the proposal to move to as the sale progresses through the Proposify pipeline.

From here you can also import all your Insightly contacts by clicking Import Contacts

You can search and choose individual contacts you want to import, or you can select them all to import to Proposify.

Now that you've set up Insightly and imported the contacts, save your settings and get winning!

When you create a proposal, a deal is automatically created in Insightly. If you don't want a deal entered, you can select that option as well. If you already have deals in Inslightly, you can link the proposal to one of those, too.

As the sale progresses you can track it in Insightly through to the finish line, access the proposal in Proposify with just one click, and download the winning proposal's PDF right from Insightly.

Zoho Integration

Integrating your Proposify account with Zoho will give you access to its plethora of business tools, namely the CRM. 

Getting started is much like the Insightly integration, you connect to Zoho by entering the API key.

Once connected, you can set up the proposal journey as it moves through the sales process. Zoho comes with preset stages, making it quick to set up.

With your stages setup complete, you can import your contacts, save your settings, and get Proposifying!

When you create proposals, you can decide whether or not you want to track in Zoho. It defaults to add them, so you don't miss out. If you have existing deals, you can link the proposal to them as well.

Now that the proposal is created you can follow the progress right in Zoho. You can access the proposal in Proposify with just one click. You can also see the proposal value and even download the PDF right from Zoho once the proposal is won.

Enhancements to Xero, Harvest, Freshbooks, and Quickbooks.

You can now add due dates and notes to invoices when created through Proposify.

Xero now lets you add a due date. 

Freshbooks, Quickbooks, and Harvest now accept due dates and notes for invoices.

Editor refinements

Over the last four weeks we have continued to refine lists, copy and pasting, and formatting. But our bug fixing never rests so stay tuned for more improvements!

Live long and Proposify,
Proposify Product Manager

Proposify Powers Up with Insightly and Zoho!

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