NEW FEATURE ALERT! Chat Live With Prospects, Right From Your Proposal

Chat integrations let you quickly squash the pesky concerns that too often tank your deals.

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Oh the days of “press send and pray.”

Once upon a time, you could do little but sit back and hope your prospect would actually reach out if they were skittish about your proposal.

Maybe they made an effort for big-deal sticking points, but it’s all the little things that spoil a deal, and no one writes an email about the little things.

What’s a stressed-out salesperson to do? Follow-up emails? Phone calls? Skywriting?

When your prospect can chat with you in real time, directly from your proposal, that changes things.

Real-time chat makes you the hero

Connect your Olark or Drift account to Proposify and your clients can get in touch with near-zero effort, right in their proposal.

This boosts the chance they’ll reach out, even with smaller concerns. With a single click, you can be there to ease their fears, answer questions, or give a final nudge.

Here’s how to use it

Turn on real-time chat from your client preview settings.

Click the box that enables the feature, and sign in with Olark or Drift (Get help finding your Olark or Drift site ID here or here).

Now you can turn on a “contact us” box for every proposal you send. When your client clicks it, they’ll see a chat window that lets them type directly to you.

The second they hit send you get a notification through your third-party chat software. You can answer them immediately, or set up automatic replies so they get a response even when you’re away.

Close the deal, even when your proposal isn’t perfect

Real-time chat might not put you in the room during your prospect’s final decision—but it gets you pretty darn close.

Being instantly available to smooth over even the smallest snafu means you have heaps of chances to give your deal the storybook ending it deserves.

Start closing deals with more confidence today by enabling real-time chat in your client preview settings.

Want more information? Check out the Proposify knowledge base for everything you need to know about real-time chat.

Happy closing!

NEW FEATURE ALERT! Chat Live With Prospects, Right From Your Proposal

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