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Say Hello to Podio (& Template Signatures)

Say Hello to Podio (& Template Signatures)
In our never-ending quest to perfect Proposify, we’ve added an exciting new integration, we responded to feedback about signatures, and we’re giving the editor a little TLC.

Podio Integration

Our newest integration is complete: Podio! Now you can connect proposals in Proposify with your workspaces in Podio so that your deals and contacts are always within reach.

Once you connect Proposify to Podio, there are two main features you can use:

Import Podio Contacts

Simply click the ‘import contacts’ button and Proposify will pull in a list of all the contacts in your contacts app and let you choose which ones to import. This will save you time and effort as you only have to enter them once in Podio.

Proposals In Your Workspace

As you create new proposals in Proposify, they’ll be linked to items in your Proposify app in Podio, including syncing the contact, uploading the cover page, linking to the proposal, and even the proposal tags.

Signatures in Templates

Since the release of our new signatures feature a few months ago, we’ve listened to your feedback and added the ability to add signatures to templates. Now, when editing a template, you’ll see the signature icon back on the toolbar. When you click it, you can add placeholder signature buttons for the Proposal Lead (Owner of the Proposal) and Default Client Contact.

When you create a proposal using a template with these placeholders, the signatures are automatically assigned to the Lead and the Default Contact making the proposal creation process faster.

Editor Refinement

Aside from working on the Podio integration and adding signatures into templates, we’ve been working to improve your experience within the editor.

Stay tuned for more news!

Ricky Ferris,
Product Manager

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