New Feature Alert! Create Proposals Directly Inside Salesforce

Automate your team’s workflow and boost productivity by letting reps create, edit, send, and electronically sign proposals without ever leaving their opportunity view.

create proposals inside salesforce with proposify

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Imagine if your sales reps never had to waste time searching for sales collateral. Imagine if the most error-prone parts of your proposal process were automated. Imagine if reps had everything they needed to create effective, accurate sales documents without EVER having to leave their CRM.

Proposify for Salesforce, now available on the AppExchange, makes all that possible, by putting our powerful proposal editor directly inside your Salesforce CRM.

Ready to say goodbye to wasted time and hello to a smarter, faster sales process? Let’s look at what Proposify for Salesforce can do for your team.

Create and Send Proposals Without Leaving Salesforce

A proposal editor inside your team’s CRM means reps can create, edit, and send sales documents (and get them electronically signed) right from their opportunity view. And thanks to our powerful data syncing and custom field mapping, they never have to leave Salesforce to do any of it.

Map custom fields in Salesforce onto custom fields in Proposify and reps can easily pull important information from the opportunity into their proposal. So no more hunting for client and company name, billing and shipping addresses, specific dates, emails, or other easy-to-get-wrong information.

You can also save long-form content into custom fields, and rescue reps from having to re-type the same paragraph in every proposal they put together.

Reps can even import pricing information from your Salesforce products directly into their Proposify fee tables.

This means they can pull together quotes, or add them to proposals, in a fraction of the time, no matter how complicated the fee structure is. And you never have to worry about the wrong pricing information ending up in front of your prospects.

Add in the fact that reps can close the deal right from the opportunity with legally binding electronic signatures, and you’ve got a powerful new way to take control of the clunkiest parts of creating sales documents, and build reps a more consistent end-of-funnel workflow that saves them a ton of time.

Keep a finger on your proposal pulse

Our Salesforce AppExchange integration also opens a Proposify widget in your opportunity view that provides a snapshot of the most important proposal information—like deal value, deal stage, deal owner, contact information, and more.

And all of that data gets pushed from Salesforce to Proposify any time anything changes, so you’re never worrying about data integrity, and can keep Salesforce as your single source of truth.

Your Sharper Sales Process Starts Here

Every part of our new Salesforce AppExchange integration is designed to make creating proposals, and getting them electronically signed, faster and easier.

We couldn’t cover everything in this update. So head to our knowledge base to discover all the ways this integration can revolutionize your sales process. And keep an eye out for more updates as we add even more functionality in the future (we’ve got some very exciting plans).

Prefer to dive right in? Our Salesforce AppExchange integration is available as an add-on for Venti customers right now. Talk to one of our sales representatives today to discuss pricing, or to upgrade your plan.


New Feature Alert! Create Proposals Directly Inside Salesforce

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