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With Proposify, High Impact can close over 1,000 deals a year.

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Micah Kohne
CMO and Visual Litigation Strategist at High Impact

High Impact has devoted almost 30 years to creating a unique and complex service offering.

Using a combination of medical expertise and visually stunning graphics, their team of forensic experts, in-house physicians, and graphic artists create powerful animations that help attorneys win large verdicts and settlements, primarily for personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability.

Micah Kohne, CMO and Visual Litigation Strategist, remembers High Impact’s beginning as a two-person shop, out of a garage in Vale, Colorado. Proposals were a pen and paper creation, and calculators the tool of choice for payment solutions. As business grew, an upgrade to Microsoft Word didn’t solve the pain of slow-paced proposals. Clients were pouring in, and High Impact needed to keep up. Enter Proposify.

“I can tell you that Proposify has made the whole process of preparing, sending, and getting proposals approved, much more efficient. I’d always looked at proposal software, but before Proposify I had never found one that worked for what we were doing. Proposify is the only company I’ve found that lets you design the proposals from the ground up. Which is important for us because the nature of each case we work on is so different.”
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High Impact has grown to 40 employees across three countries since their founding. By using Proposify’s intuitive editor, their team can keep up with demand and send out over 1300 proposals a year.

“Before Proposify It would have been very tough to write the quote and get it prepared in a format that could be sent out fast enough. I would say it’s cut the time in half at least. I don’t know how we compare to other companies concerning proposal quantity, but we’re pretty heavy regarding how many proposals we’re sending out. It’s roughly hundreds of proposals a month. We couldn’t do it without Proposify.”
High Impact team members

By maximizing Proposify’s ability to create sections and fee tables, as well as integrate with Pipedrive, High Impact’s team has been able to run more efficiently than ever.

“For our team, it’s crucial to establish deadlines and a clear scope of work. We use features in Proposify that allow us to outline our terms, conditions and the client's expectations, as well as present our fees easily. Once that’s all said and done, and the proposal is signed, everything moves into our CRM. Our sales team lives in Pipedrive, so it’s a matter of jumping back and forth between Pipedrive and Proposify all day to get the job done.”

The majority of proposals close by delighted clients who come back time and again for new work. Those clients also become glowing case studies for High Impact, who use the examples to showcase work to future clients, by embedding videos and links directly in the templates.

“80% of our clients are repeat business. In our templates we have a ‘Why work with us’ page, with a video of our testimonials. It’s great to have for new clients who haven’t worked with us before, or for existing clients to see our latest work. Beyond that, if we’re sending out a specific proposal for a medical animation, being able to show previous examples is enormous for us.”
High Impact team members

High Impact’s clients are so pleased with the proposals they receive now that nothing but Proposify will do.

“I’ve been trying to get away from Word for years, but we had one member of the team who liked creating proposals that way. He was kind of a “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ guy. He refused to use Proposify so that he would send his proposals out via PDF. It got to the point where his clients were begging that he send the proposals through Proposify because it was so much easier to sign electronically.”
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