Better Proposals vs. Proposify

Proposify is a more flexible, design-focused alternative to Better Proposals. Consider these points when choosing your proposal software.

If you’re a very small company or a freelancer, Better Proposals might seem like a decent option. But if you’re a larger team who wants to streamline your sales process, access a feature-rich platform, and have more control over the design of your proposals, you’ll find Better Proposals lacking.

Proposify is more flexible

Better Proposals is overly simplistic proposal software. In their efforts to make things easy, they’ve completely limited your ability to customize your proposal.

At first glance, you might be attracted to what appears to be Better Proposal’s ease of use. But as soon as you need something a bit beyond their very restricted features, you’ll find yourself frustrated. Every proposal looks cookie cutter, and you have extremely limited control over the design.

Here are some examples of how limited Better Proposals is compared to Proposify:

  • Proposify allows you to add multiple pricing tables to all your proposals. Better Proposals limits you to one per proposal.
  • With Proposify, you can add as many e-signatures to your proposal as you need. Better Proposals only allows one person to sign.
  • Proposify gives you access to the entire Google font library of more than 600 fonts. Better Proposals only offers a dozen or so fonts.
  • Want to include a background image with text on it in your proposal? You can’t do that in Better Proposals. Proposify gives you the control to create shapes, change colours, and add text, background images, videos, and more. You can create text boxes on the page, flow text between pages just by hitting the enter/return key, and drag and resize images, shapes, and lines.

With Better Proposals, you’ll find yourself constantly hitting a wall of, “You can’t do that”.

One of our many customer-favourite features is Streams. Streams lets you organize your proposals into multiple pipelines so you can separate different types of documents, like proposals from statements of work.

Proposify fee tables are also more flexible, allowing you to add multiple taxes and discounts, save fees to a library right from the table itself, or add fees already saved in your library.

Proposify lets you have optional fees and editable quantities so your client can choose how much of something they want. You can also pull multiple table totals together using variables.

Better Proposals might call themselves “simple”. We call them “limiting.”

With Proposify, we have the flexibility and you have the control to create professional looking proposals the way YOU want.

Proposify offers a better user experience

Better Proposals is new to the market, and that’s obvious when using the product. They claim to be simpler, but as you use the software, you’ll find it hard to locate what should be standard up-front features. Things like adding variables (‘merge tags’, as they call them), or how to globally change text styles are buried. And adding videos to proposals is painful.

Here at Proposify, we’ve had a few years to work, work, and work some more on improving our product. As a team, we actively listen to our customers to discover what they want from proposal software and to understand their sales process. Then we go to work to deliver that. We’re obsessed with providing the best user experience so our customers can save time writing proposals and close more business.

With Better Proposals, even the clients receiving a proposal have to work hard. Since you can’t smoothly scroll through a proposal like you can in Proposify, clients need to constantly click on section names to review your entire proposal.

Proposify also has a free iOS mobile app - you can track proposals, view metrics, and get notifications all on your iPhone, anytime, anywhere.

“Once we started using Proposify, it made our workflows so much simpler. There was just nothing else out there like it that allowed us to build something branded that we could update within minutes to send to a client.”

Alex Hemker
Founder at Buhv Designs

Proposify is more powerful

At Proposify, we’re big believers in making things simple, but we balance that with the need to deliver what our customers want. And sometimes what customers want are features; features that are sorely lacking in Better Proposals.

For example, Better Proposals doesn’t offer a content library where you can save frequently used sections, pages of content, snippets of text, or images that your whole team can quickly access when working on a proposal. We also make it easy to add sections to your proposals - you just drag and drop. With Better Proposals, you have to copy, then paste, and then reformat everything. Not very fast, not very easy. According to our customers, Proposify’s content library is one of our most valuable features.

We offer more integrations with your favourite CRMs, invoicing software, and project management tools than Better Proposals. We even have a public API so you can create custom applications that work with Proposify.

The best part? We’re constantly working to deliver more. More features, more workflow improvements, and more ways for you to close deals faster.

organize proposal content in a content library

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