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A blend of power and simplicity.

First of all, let's be clear that InDesign rocks. It's a powerful layout program that's industry standard among designers when it comes to designing professional documents for print and web.

But it's not proposal software.

Whether you're a designer or not, InDesign is still a whole lot of complexity you don't need when it comes to writing a proposal, like trapping and spot colors, to name just two.

We designed Proposify to be an elegant mix between the best parts of InDesign and the best part of Google Docs, so that writing proposals is quick and easy while also giving you the power you need for complex layouts and typography.

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Proposify helps manage your sales workflow

It's one thing to have a list of all your proposals. It's quite another to be able to list them in conjunction with your sales pipeline, see their value at a glance, know which ones are due and when, assign them to team members, know which ones are viewed and awaiting sign-off, and get an archive you can search by date and status. Whew, that's a lot simpler than keyword searching through hundreds of documents to find the one you want!

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Collaborate easier

InDesign is not a collaboration tool.

You can't assign proposals to team members or leave comments, you can't work on the same documents simultaneously, it doesn't fit into your sales pipeline, sync with your CRM or invoicing software, and you have to search through dozens of old proposal documents and open them just to find just a page or two of content you need.

Proposify lives in the browser and can be opened from anywhere. Your team always has access to it so you don't need to drop box or email big files, and our content library makes it easy to find and drop in sections from past proposals. You can leave notes and upload support docs, from RFPs to proposals, and add internal comments in sections for your team.

Indesign proposal comments

Online previews convert 18% more than PDFs

InDesign is not a collaboration tool.

If you use InDesign for your proposals, you're probably used to exporting a PDF, attaching it to an email, or even printing, binding, and shipping it to a prospective client. Once it's gone, you have no idea what your client is doing with it, or if they even read it.

With Proposify your client gets emailed a link to a web page that looks just like your company - your logo, your domain name. It all looks really professional.

Clients can review your proposal online, leave comments, turn on optional fees, and even watch videos embedded right in the document. When they're ready, they can sign off right in the browser - no need to print, scan and email their signature, or courier a contract back to you.

Proposify is a better experience for clients and the added bonus is that you get notified as soon as they open your proposal and you can auto-send customized reminders for them so deals never go cold. You get to know when they opened it, how many times, how long they looked at it, and even a breakdown by sections so you can learn where they spent the most time.

Can InDesign do that?

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