State of Proposals 2021 - What 2.6 Million Sales Documents Can Teach You About Beating The Competition


This is how landscaping contracts are won now.

Discover the leading proposal software that modern landscaping companies use to create, track, and close irresistible business proposals.

Proposals as powerful as your landscaping services.

As your teams grow and the number of proposals you send increases, the more challenging it becomes to effectively manage your closing process. Is your branding consistent? Are your reps sending out the correct information? Where are all your deals at right now?

Proposify proposal software helps answer those questions while building a streamlined digital proposal process from start to finish. Gain unrivalled control and visibility into your closing stage and supercharge your closing game—all while leaving your competition in the dust.

Keep your proposals (and branding!) consistent.

Regardless of how you structure your teams, Proposify enhances your ability to control the closing process.

Roles, permissions, and workspaces allow each team access to the specific content they need while restricting what they can and can't change.

Reorganize and add workspaces as you see fit and gain almost limitless possibilities for the future of your sales team.

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advanced proposal insights

Gain the competitive edge with next-level prospect insights

The closing phase of any deal has traditionally been a “black box”—after the contract or proposal gets sent, your ability to influence the deal is no longer assured.

Proposify shatters that black box and reveals a wealth of valuable prospect information you can use to close more deals.

With Proposify, you can view and analyze prospect interactions on your proposals, monitor your team’s pipeline and deal progress, set reminders and notifications for your client or yourself, and much more.

Get up-and-running fast.

Easily transfer your existing proposal templates into Proposify and get your team online in a flash—the platform is intuitive and user-friendly for all levels of technical expertise.

Rest assured you’ll be supported by our world-class customer success team to help you optimize your proposal process and seamlessly transition your team into the Proposify platform.

We also offer a range of professional services to help you get ahead, such as customer templates, proposal optimization, PDF conversion, and more.

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Put the numbers on your side. Landscaping companies who use Proposify close more deals than their competitors.

24 hr

43% of proposals sent through Proposify are won within 24 hours of opening.


The close rate for proposals sent through Proposify is 2x higher than the industry average.


Proposify's e-signatures can increase close rates by 4.6x and help deals close 60% faster.

These landscaping companies are celebrating success (and more deals!) with Proposify.

“I wish I had known earlier how limiting our previous processes were – that Word documents were handcuffing us not just from a file-sharing standpoint, but also that there’s just so much more you can do with a proposal if you get out of the mindset of PDFs and spreadsheets.

So it's not just about copying what you have today and putting it online; it's about taking what you have today and bringing it to a new level with Proposify.”

Joseph Barnes
Director of Marketing at Yellowstone Landscape

This landscaping template is designed to close.

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