Branding Proposal Template To Close Deals

If you're a marketing agency or freelancer pitching branding services, our sample branding proposal template shows an example of how to pitch your branding and logo-design services. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial to get access to the brand strategy proposal template.

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All of our templates are 100% customizable so you can edit the copy, design, images, and layout to suit your business, brand, and client project. Our online signature feature delivers 60% faster client approval and makes the proposal legally binding.

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What is included in this branding proposal template?

Professional cover letter and project summary

As a branding professional, you know all about the importance of visual appeal and first impressions. Your brand project proposal cover is your chance to stand out and catch your potential client's attention.

This free branding proposal template comes complete with a professionally designed cover. And it's completely customizable, so it's easy to inject your branding company's unique style.

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Overview and Goals

Your opener is one of the most important sections of your proposal. It's your best shot at convincing your potential clients to pick you over the competition.

This example brand project proposal includes a sample overview or executive summary section that will help guide your opening pitch.

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Scope of Services

Whether you're pitching brand discovery, strategy, identity, branding guidelines, or a complete branding and identity package, this is the section of your proposal to list the full scope of your services.

This free brand strategy proposal template includes example service descriptions that you can switch out for your own service descriptions.

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How much time will it take to implement your brand strategy? What input will you need before you can kick off the project?

An important consideration for clients looking to hire a branding services agency is understanding the project timeline. This page of our free branding proposal template lets you provide a clear timeline for your potential client so they can see exactly how long the project will take and understand when they can expect to see results.

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Investment and Pricing Page

You've explained your overview and goals, provided a scope of your services, and presented a timeline. Now it's time to let your prospects know how much this branding and identity project will cost.

This section of our free branding proposal template lets you present your fees in a clear, intuitive format. Proposify's interactive pricing tables make it easy for your potential clients to understand your fees, taxes, any discounts you may offer, and optional extras.

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Our Team

Time to put some faces to names! Use this section of the proposal to introduce the folks on your team who will be working with your new clients. Include a headshot, title, and a brief bio showcasing their expertise.

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Case Study

A case study can be one of the most persuasive elements of your branding pitch for your prospect. It proves that you can walk the walk because you've done it before.

This free brand strategy proposal template includes an example case study that you can edit to show off past wins from a successful branding project with a past client

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Statement of Work, Contract, & Sign-Off

This branding and identity proposal sample includes an example statement of work and contract, plus a section for your new clients to sign electronically. When clients are ready to sign, Proposify's free electronic signatures make closing the deal fast and simple.

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Frequently asked questions

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A branding proposal is a document submitted by a marketing agency, branding specialist, or freelancer to a potential client. Its purpose is to convince prospects to sign up for branding projects or services.

The best brand project proposals are summaries of why your branding services company is the best choice for your potential client. They're brief, convincing, well-written, and organized into sections for easy reading.

A good branding proposal includes everything your prospect needs to make an informed decision, but not so much that they get bogged down in unnecessary information.

Some brand project proposal must-haves include an impressive cover, a persuasive overview, a scope of your services, a timeframe, information about your team, and a fees & sign-off section.

You shouldn't be in the dark about what happens after you send a proposal to a potential client. Sending branding proposals in PDF format gives you no insight into how your proposal is performing once it's in your prospect's hands.

Proposify's proposal software is entirely online, which means everything is trackable. When you use this branding proposal template, you'll have full visibility into how your deal is progressing from the second you send it to a client to the minute they sign.

Electronic signatures are the best way to close new business. They're secure, legally binding, and with Proposify, completely free. Every Proposify proposal template includes our free esignature tool.

Data behind millions of proposals suggests the ideal length for a branding proposal is 11 pages organized into 7 sections. Keep your proposal concise and engaging, and only include the most important information. Leverage visual content and thoughtful design to make sure your branding proposals are impressive to read and easy to navigate.

Start with an attention-grabbing cover. Next, provide an overview that speaks to what it is you do and why your prospect should pick you over the competition. Break down the scope of your services so your potential client can see exactly what you offer. Then include a timeline of the branding project. Then comes the all-important pricing section. To drive the deal home, include a case study and& introduce your team and show that they are experts in their field. Lastly, include T&Cs to protect your business and a place for your new client to electronically sign.

There are several ways to send a branding proposal to a client, some more efficient than others. The most efficient way is to provide your prospect with a secure link to an online proposal document. That way there's no need to download anything, and your proposal won't get stuck in your client's spam folder.

You sure can! All Proposify templates are completely customizable.

When you sign up with Proposify, you get access to this template and every other template in our extensive template gallery. You can also upload all your company and client information so you can plug it into your proposals fast. After you sign up, you'll get access to all of our Team plan features for 14 days, and then have the option to choose your perfect plan.