Discover features that mean business

Our product features might be considered bells and whistles in other proposal software, but at Proposify they’re the fundamentals for building better proposals and bigger business.

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Design beautiful proposals, no experience necessary

Break free from the complexity of InDesign and tyranny of other design tools. Our fully loaded, easy-to-use editor lets you customize the look of your proposal to create a true work of art.

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Make it a done deal

It’s all about the sign-off and Proposify offers lots of features to make it easier and faster for your client to be impressed, and say yes.

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Get 60% faster sign-off with online signaturesOur easy-to-use online signature tool lets clients sign your proposal right away, right in the browser. You can add as many signature lines as you like, for your client and your team. Each signature is also legally binding to protect everyone’s best interests.

Get paid faster with Stripe.Our integration with Stripe allows you to request a payment from your clients right in the proposal so you can get paid as soon as they sign off. Stripe also supports 135 currencies, making it easier to collect payments from clients around the world.

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Learn more about our Stripe Integration

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Improve your close rate
with metrics that matter

Streamline your sales by knowing the status of all your deals, the state of your proposals past and present, and how your team is contributing to the process.

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If time is money, our content library saves you a bundle

No more reinventing the wheel with each proposal. The content library keeps everything - sections, case studies, bios, fees, and images - organized in one place to make it faster for your entire team to find and reuse your proposal content.

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Manage your sales team and improve performance

Our Always-Be-Closing features lets you better manage the efficiency and success of larger sales teams. You control content, proposals, and templates. Set up roles, and assign permissions, including what access team members have to each section of Proposify, from account settings all the way through to sending a proposal.

Free iOS Mobile App for Tracking on the Go

Our free iPhone companion app helps you monitor sales while on the move. Now you can track proposals, view metrics, and get notifications all on your iPhone. Think of it like that uber-efficient sales assistant you’ve always wanted to hire. But this one is free and doesn’t go home at five o’clock.

The Proposify Mobile App
  • proposal tracker

    TRACK PROPOSALSThe Proposify mobile app lets you see everything that’s happening in your pipeline, right here, right now. Know where your sales stand no matter where you’re standing.

  • mobile notification

    GET INSTANT NOTIFICATIONSWe’ll send instant notifications direct to your iPhone the instant something happens. Did the client open the proposal? Did they sign-off? Is it time to celebrate? No more wondering what’s happening at the office - we keep you in the know.

  • proposal metrics

    VIEW METRICSThe Proposify mobile app delivers all those juicy stats that make your sales sing. View your proposals metrics overall, or filter by client.


The Proposify mobile app is the perfect companion to our desktop version. Create and send proposals through your desktop version of Proposify as usual, and then monitor all the activity from the road, the gym, or coffee with a friend.

Power up your productivity

Increase your efficiency by syncing your CRM, invoicing, and project management tools with Proposify.

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