Proposify’s List of the Best Voices in Sales

Need to freshen up your LinkedIn feed with content relevant to your role?

LinkedIn can be a treasure trove of sales playbooks to try, mistakes to avoid, and good ole motivation.

But who do you follow to get the very best that LinkedIn #sales has to offer?

We’ve surveyed our own AEs and SDRs to find out who they love to follow on LinkedIn.

And so we present Proposify’s List of the Best Voices in Sales.

Proposify's List of Best Sales Voices

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1. Sarah Brazier

We have a crush on Gong as users and on their content as sellers. Sarah Brazier, Mid Market Account Executive at Gong, brings a fun, informal voice to LinkedIn. She posts some of her own hot takes and also curates excellent articles and current conversations to keep one step ahead in the world of sales.

“Whatever you were doing 6 months ago to close a deal probably isn’t going to work now. Your economic buyer has probably changed. The person who is the decision maker might not realize that yet. You have to do a lot more digging to find out how the company is thinking about making purchases during an economic downturn in order to win the deal. Originally you’d sell to the VP, but now the VP doesn’t have as much power as he used to and you need to talk with the CFO. You need to know how to handle objections and how to get in contact with the right person.” - Sarah Brazier

Follow Sarah on LinkedIn.

2. Jesse Gittler

As the Associate Director of Sales Development for Tebra, Jesse coordinates the work of 3 managers, 4 team leads, and by extension 30+ SDRs. As such, he brings a ton of experience training SDRs, ramping up their confidence, and troubleshooting their day-to-day struggles. So follow him if you are an SDR of if you manage SDRs.

Follow Jesse on LinkedIn.

3. Chantel George

Chantel George is building the largest global network of women of color (WoC) in sales. Sistas in Sales helps WoC learn new skills and advance in their careers. It’s also a great resource for employers looking to hire women from diverse backgrounds. Her LinkedIn account offers plenty of motivation and a way for WoC to stay informed of all of the events and resources that Sistas in Sales has to offer (like getting Taraji P. Henson as a keynote speaker!).

Inspiration can make you confident. Confidence can make you very successful. - Chantel George

Follow Chantel on LinkedIn.

4. Bryan Tucker

As the Commercial Director of Sales at Gong, Bryan Tucker is in charge of scaling, developing, and empowering a team of 50+. His profile is full of uncommon sales advice, no matter your role. Plus, if you want to get better at employee advocacy and repping your own company on LinkedIn, definitely check out how he promotes Gong in a social-first way.

Follow Bryan on LinkedIn.

5. Armand Farrokh

Armand Farrokh is the VP of Sales at Pave and the founder of the 30 Minutes to President’s Club podcast, one of the top-ranked sales shows. He regularly posts super valuable video snippets of his interviews, so make sure to give him a follow for actionable advice.

“Stop sending 5-paragraph sales emails. They’re too long. Instead, use the 3x3 rule. Write 3 bodies of text and make sure that each paragraph is under 3 lines each (when read on mobile). And always include these 3 things: context, value, and ask. Write a short email to get people interested... then leave the long form for an actual conversation.” - Armand Farrokh

Follow Armand on LinkedIn.

6. Scott Leese

A 3X founder and 6X sales leader, Scott Leese currently offers sales consulting with a focus on helping companies scale to 8 figures in annual revenue. His LinkedIn profile is full of tips on catering to customer needs, how to lead a sales team, and how to grow your LinkedIn network for long-term success.

Follow Scott on LinkedIn.

7. Amy Volas

Amy Volas founded Avenue Talent Partners to help companies strategize and hire the right salespeople for their team. Amy regularly posts about how to stand out in sales and how to close more deals. Plus, she offers behind-the-scenes insights into the world of sales recruiting.

“It’s critical to NOT view buyer relationships as transactional. The best sellers are looking to establish trusting partnerships with their buyers where both sides end up coming out on top over and over again. They’re playing the long game.” - Amy Volas

Follow Amy on LinkedIn.

8. Colin Specter

As the VP of Sales Development at Orum, Colin Specter breathes AI-powered cold calling all day every day. He uses his LinkedIn presence to give kudos to his team of AEs and SDRs. He shares what milestone they reached and how they did it. It’s a creative way to offer advice while boosting visibility for Orum.

Follow Colin on LinkedIn.

9. Kevin “KD” Dorsey

KD is a Practice Lead at Winning by Design, a revenue consultancy for SaaS. KD helps create training playbooks for revenue teams. He’s also the creator of the Live Better Sell Better podcast, an excellent resource for mastering inside sales. His LinkedIn feed is full of hard-hitting takes on the most talked about current topics in sales and B2B.

The pain of change is a hidden blocker that most salespeople don't address. It is actually very rarely a question of being able to get the budget. It's more often than not a question of it’s worth it to change a major process. We spend so much time trying to sell them on the product and hope they see the ROI that we don't address how easy we will make it to change. Focus on the hand holding they will get to make the transition as smooth as possible and give examples of onboarding that went smooth.

Follow KD on LinkedIn.

10. Will Aitken

Will Aitken, from Vidyard, is a great person to turn to if you like a little humor with your sales training. He posts some of his viral TikToks as well as snippets of interviews on LinkedIn. If you need new ways to spice up your cold calls, then give him a follow.

Follow Will on LinkedIn.

11. Belal Batrawy

Belal Batrawy is the head of GTM for GTM Buddy. He’s been named a top influencer by Salesforce and uses his LinkedIn account to troubleshoot real problems from the sales trenches, provide actionable tips, and host interactive LinkedIn lives.

"Stop saying help in your cold emails or cold call scripts. Instead of “we help” try “you can achieve…” or “many others have…” or “You’ll find that…” Because when you tell a prospect how you can help, you’re the hero. But when you tell your prospect how they can accomplish something, they’re the hero."

Follow Belal on LinkedIn.

12. Caroline Celis

Caroline Celis is the Senior Director of Global Business Development for G2, and has been with the company since 2018, back when it was a small startup. Her LinkedIn feed is an excellent place to turn to for motivation, resources, and current news surrounding Latinx in sales and tech.

Follow Caroline on LinkedIn.

13. Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen offers sales training and keynote speaking. She’s also the author of Look Me In the Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners and Teams. Her LinkedIn account is a great go-to for sellers wanting to learn how to make deeper connections and for managers wanting to boost morale.

Customer has their camera off in a virtual meeting? Don’t panic! Maintain eye contact with your camera and picture them reacting as favorably as possible to you. Why? Even if you’re wrong, you win! Imagining a positive reception brings out the best in you - and often in your customer. Whereas imagining the worst possible reaction (as most people do!) causes you to rush, make poor eye contact, and appear nervous or uncertain. Either way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Follow Julie on LinkedIn.

14. John Barrows

John Barrows is a sales trainer and consultant who offers a ton of free trainings for AEs and SDRs on his LinkedIn account. Follow him for quick tips in short videos and for invites to more in-depth free masterclasses.

Nothing is going to change until you start giving a shi*t. Until you start genuienly giving a sh*t about that client and the person on the other end of that phone call or email, your results aren’t going to change. Salespeople have lost that right now. Find your give-a-sh*t factor.

Follow John on LinkedIn.

15. Hannah Ajikawo

Hannah Ajikawo is a Practice Lead offering GTM strategy, tech stack optimization, market analysis and business development for the EMEA arm of Skaled Consulting. She’s been voted LinkedIn’s Top Voice in Sales. Her LinkedIn is full of smart takes on current topics and tips that you can implement right away.

Follow Hannah on LinkedIn.

16. Justin Michael

Justin Michael is a consultant who helps B2B companies accelerate their demand. He helps sellers learn how to clone themselves to become “salesborgs”, or people with a big online community of hot buyers. His LinkedIn is a great place to go for tips on cold calling, content creation, and sales efficiency.

"What's going through my head when I call a C-Level? I try to walk a mile in their shoes. I imagine their P&L. I read their annual and quarterly reports - not all of them, but specific threats and seek to understand global challenges and weaknesses. I do Google searches on their name and in the news. I review their last 20 LinkedIn updates and Twitter feed and scan through what they're sharing and commenting on. I read every word of their LinkedIn profile. Then I synthesize this into my messaging and interactions, focusing on how to solve their problems and challenges, accelerate growth opportunities and derisk their operations with my technology or consulting."

Follow Justin on LinkedIn.

17. Erica Franklin

Erica Franklin is the Director of Enterprise Account Management for Everfi, managing a $6 million account portfolio. She also serves as the Sales Account Director for Sistas in Sales. She helps uplift WoC in sales, and is an advocate for DEI.

I realized that showing up as my true self helps others show up as themselves which makes relationships more authentic. - Erica Franklin

Follow Erica on LinkedIn.

18. Maria Bross

As the Director of Sales Development at, Maria Bross has made it her mission to end SDR call reluctance. She offers plenty of hard-earned lessons, mistakes to avoid, and tips to boost confidence so that SDRs can succeed with cold calling.

Follow Maria on LinkedIn.

19. Niraj Kapur

Niraj Kapur is a LinkedIn Top Voice for 2022 and a sales coach and trainer. Growing up as a self-proclaimed outsider, his secret sauce is helping salespeople learn how to be accepted and trusted by their prospects.

Sales is not about your commission. It's not about winning a deal. It's helping your customers win. Once you do that, then and only then will you see the benefits of working in sales. You want to develop a relationship not a transaction because then you can ask for referrals and recommendations from the client and work with them long-term—that is always a fantastic way to work.

Follow Niraj on LinkedIn.

20. Morgan J Ingram

We couldn't have created a list of Top Sales Voices without including Morgan. VP of GTM Talent and Development at Sales Impact Academy, Morgan has been named LinkedIn's Top Sales Voices 3 years in a row. His LinkedIn feed is a great place to turn to for tips on how to build a personal brand, rules for selling, and solving your pipeline problems.

Terrible way to end a sales call: "Sure. I will follow up with you via email to get times for another call." Great way to end a sales call: "Typically the next step here is to get time on the calendar for a follow-up. Are you open to next week?".

Follow Morgan on LinkedIn.

Go give these fine folks a follow. A whole lot of infotainment is on its way.

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Proposify’s List of the Best Voices in Sales

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