NEW FEATURE ALERT! Custom Client Previews

Game-changing proposal preview options let you dazzle your prospects with viewing options customized just for them.

proposify custom client previews update

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You know you’re not the only one gunning for your clients’ business. Dozens of hungry sales teams are out there using every trick they have win contracts away from you.

Chances are, your next prospect’s inbox is ringing from the roaring mob of pitches that are squawking, squeaking, and screaming for their attention.

You’re confident your offer can seal the deal, but the only way to communicate that is to cut through all the clamour and get your proposal noticed.

Thanks to Proposify’s latest upgrade, you now have the tools to create a one-of-a-kind proposal experience none of your competition can match.

Get noticed with proposals that pop

Introducing custom client previews! This exciting new feature gives your pitches a bold new look by letting you customize the visual elements around your proposal.

We started by redesigning the preview screen to feel more sleek, professional, and intuitive. Next, we put the rainbow at your fingertips.

Now, instead of showing your proposal against a plain grey or white screen, you can change the background behind it to match your (or better yet, your client’s) company colours—or any other colour you want.

You can also embed a custom logo on the preview screen. Reinforce your brand by placing your company logo in constant view. Or, show your prospect it’s all about them by putting their own logo front and centre.

Together, these tools let you build an eye-popping proposal experience that elevates your pitch far beyond your competition’s, and shows your prospect you’re serious about the deal.

But beyond making your proposal look like a million bucks, your upgraded preview screen also features a revamped and repositioned table of contents.

This even-more-intuitive design takes up less real estate on the screen, and makes it easier for your prospect to navigate through your proposal. On top of that, you now have the power to hide the table of contents completely.

This is a lifesaver if you’re sending a shorter document that doesn’t need a table—or if you want to make a bold statement with a sleek, clean proposal preview.

Send your most impactful proposal ever

Make any of these adjustments quickly and easily by navigating to your proposal’s preview screen and clicking the “show preview settings” button at the top right of the page.

From there, expand the “display” options and start building your proposal preview masterpiece.

With a shrewdly designed client preview screen powering your pitches, your proposals will sit in stark relief to your competition’s black-on-white snore fests.

And since making a statement and getting noticed is the toughest part, all that’s left is to blow your prospect away with the incredible value you’re offering (and since you’re smart enough to use proposal software, we have to believe you’ve got that covered).

To learn even more about our new custom client previews, check out the wealth of information in the Proposify knowledge base. Or, log in today and get ready to create your most impactful proposal ever.

NEW FEATURE ALERT! Custom Client Previews

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