10 Documents You Can Make in Proposify That Aren’t Proposals

We weren’t kidding when we promised to streamline your entire sales process. With Proposify, it’s easier to make all the documents you need to create, send, and close more deals, not just proposals. These 10 templates make it quick and easy to create all the sales documents you need, from agreements and contracts to estimates and statements of work.

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You already know that you can create beautiful business proposals with Proposify (or if you don’t, do your sales team a favour and sign up for a free trial). But, did you know that you can also create a variety of other sales documents in Proposify?

As an example, we’ve created ten templates of common types of sales-related documents that you can use for free:

Each of these templates is 100% customizable, so while we’ve included some sample copy to get you started, you can easily change the text to suit your own business, projects, and client requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’re proposal experts, NOT LAWYERS, so be sure to have your own legal counsel advise you on any of the details you may need to include in these documents to protect both you and your clients.

Here are some of the ways Proposify makes it easy to create these sales documents:

Create consistency with business templates

Does it make you crazy that there’s no consistency in the documents your sales team uses? Maybe they’re all using a slightly different version of that contract that’s been hacked together and might even be out of date, which could end up putting your company in a legal bind if there was ever a client dispute.

The great thing about creating templates in Proposify is that once you have them made, you can be confident that everyone in your business is using the right document.

For example, you create a template for a statement of work (SOW), and save it to your Proposify account. From now on, that is THE statement of work that everyone in the company uses, and they know right where to find it. You can either send it as a stand-alone document or save it to the content library and add it to any proposal.

Your sales team can customize the document for their particular client and project, but the standard information is locked and loaded.

Customize with variables

It’s easy to customize your sales templates in Proposify by adding variables that automatically swap out your client’s name and other specifics relevant to each document and project. Our custom fields save you time from having to manually enter all the particulars - just fill out the details, and it populates your entire document.

Make it official with electronic signatures

Proposify’s built-in electronic signature tool makes it easy to add signatures to any of your sales documents. You can add as many signature lines as you like, for your client and your team. Each signature is also legally binding to protect everyone’s best interests.

Manage your documents with Streams

Streams is a cool Proposify feature that organizes these type of sales documents, like SOW’s and signed contracts, separately from your proposals. That way your pipeline stays clean with only revenue-related proposals, so you always have a more accurate picture of your sales numbers.

10 sales documents you can create with Proposify's free templates

Non-disclosure agreement template (NDA)

You can use this non-disclosure agreement template—also known as a confidentiality agreement—when your business needs to protect any sensitive information like product designs, client information, marketing plans, or other competitive secrets. You may ask employees, partners, vendors, or clients to sign this agreement, depending on the project and what information might you want to protect.

Non-compete agreement template

If you’re an employer, you can use this non-compete agreement template to protect your business’ confidential information if/when an employee moves on to another company

The non-compete agreement could prevent your employee from going to work for one of your competitors for a certain period of time or start their own competing business. It can also prevent former employees from revealing sensitive information like pricing strategies, client lists, salaries, and other trade secrets.

Commercial leasing agreement template

Commercial real estate companies can use this template to create lease agreements with their clients, and customize it with specific terms and conditions, like payment, repairs, renovations, and length of lease.

Partnership agreement template

If you’re entering into a business partnership, you can use this partnership contract template to outline the terms and conditions. It can cover things like describing the nature of the business, the roles and responsibilities of each partner, how profits will be shared, how disputes will be handled, and how the partnership can be dissolved.

Employment offer template

This employment offer template can be used when you’re hiring a new employee. It contains the details of the job and the conditions of employment, like start date, salary, vacation, benefits, and the roles and responsibilities of both the employer and employee.

Contract template

You can use this general contract template when entering into any kind of legally binding business agreement, and customize it for your particular situation.

Statement of Work template (SOW)

This statement of work template, also known as an SOW, can be used to outline all the details of a new client project. It covers things like project goals, deliverables, price, roles and responsibilities of both the company and the client, timelines, payment schedules, dispute resolution, and any other project management details.

Client report template

Clients love reports that show the progress of the work your company is executing for them. Proposify makes it easy to create professional-looking reports so you can demonstrate results of projects like sales or marketing campaigns and product launches.

Estimate template

This estimate template is useful to outline your services, products, price, and payment conditions for potential customers.

Quote template

There are times when you may not need to create a full proposal, like when you’re doing a one-off project for an existing client, and you just need to get pricing out right away. If you don’t need to sell the client on your business or solution, our client quote template can help you pull together the information your client needs to make a decision quickly.

Want more templates?

Don’t forget that Proposify has an entire gallery of proposal templates that are free to use. You can choose from more than 50 professionally written and designed proposal templates for an array of services, industries, and projects, so you never have to worry about battling writer’s block or getting your proposal out on time again.

Our business proposal templates provide suggestions for copy and design, but if it doesn’t quite fit what you need, you can change it up. All of our templates are 100% customizable, including text, layout, design, and images.

10 Documents You Can Make in Proposify That Aren’t Proposals

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