Proposify’s Ultimate Holiday Sales Slump-Buster Gift Guide

We know what you sales ops, enablement, leaders, and reps really want as Q4 wraps up. Proposify presents our sales slump-busting gift guide to help you give yourself (and your teammates) the gift of a productive December and a joyous start to Q1.

how to avoid the holiday sales slump

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Not sure what to get the salesperson on your gift list this year? Save the wacky socks and put down the personalized pen because we here at Proposify know what sales professionals really want:

A reprieve from any potential December sales slump and a happy, deal-filled new year.

To start, I’m already spreading the word about how Q4 is a great time to buy (particularly if you’re in the market for some new sales software). But since I can’t force your prospects to step away from the egg nog and jump on a sales call with you or your team, I did the next best thing.

I created an actionable sales slump-busting gift guide, with everything you need to make the end of Q4 productive and start Q1 with a ton of sales momentum. It has something for everyone, operations, enablement, team leaders and sales reps alike.

Unsure if one of these items would be the perfect present? I’ve even included some stats and facts to rein(deer) in your concerns.

Let’s start ‘shopping’!

Proposify’s Ultimate Holiday Sales Slump-Buster Gift Guide

For the Sales Ops Pro

A sales tech stack Swiss Army knife

Ditch your one-trick tools and streamline your team’s processes and tasks by upgrading to sales software that can do more all in one app. 

Festive Fact: 68% of workers say they spend at least 30 minutes a day just switching between apps.

    A CRM clean sweep

    Duplicated data, mislabeled leads, and outdated details are the ingredients of a CRM fruitcake—stale, unappetizing, and weighing your sales team down.

    Festive Fact: Sales teams lose approximately 550 hours and $32,000 per sales rep as a result of bad CRM data.

      A strategic planner

      Turn the page on your sales ops strategy with a fresh plan for world (okay, or just sales) domination.

      Festive Fact: Sales operations teams that align their priorities with a long-term strategic plan increase quota attainment by up to 15%.

        For the Sales Enablement Maven

        Universal brand remote control

        Get a handle on all the collateral that the sales team sends out without being hands-on with each and every document.

        Festive Fact: Consistent branding increases revenue by up to 23%.

          New set of templates

          Help your sales reps serve up your best branded content with templates and content snippets.

          Festive Fact: B2B organizations that leverage technology effectively create their sales documents 47% faster.

            Efficient content shelf

            Show off your sales enablement content with an easy-to-use central library.

            Festive Fact: The average salesperson spends 440 hours each year trying to find the right content to share with prospects.

              For the Sales Leader Extraordinaire

              Fresh data-driven forecast

              With the right data-driven insights, you won’t get caught in another revenue prediction storm.

              Festive Fact: Underperforming sales teams are nearly two times more likely than high-performing teams to forecast based on intuition instead of data.

                Motivational sales game

                Bring out the competitive spirit on your team (and hit those lofty targets) with some sales gamification.

                Festive Fact: 8 out of 10 sales reps attain quota when gamification is part of the sales culture.

                Streamlined sales cycle

                Put the pedal to the metal and speed up your sales process with an easy-to-follow sales playbook.

                Festive Fact: 75% of B2B sales cycles take at least 4 months.

                  For the Super-Successful Sales Rep

                  Gratitude journal

                  Use the time around the holidays to check in with your successful clients to say thank you and keep yourself top of mind.

                  Festive Fact: 9 out of 10 customers say they’d give a referral but only 1 out of 10 salespeople actually ask.

                    New tap shoes

                    Don’t slack on cold outreach because there are a lot of out-of-office messages on. Keep tap-dancin’ on those dials and get those touches in.

                    Festive Fact: The average salesperson generates roughly one appointment or referral from every 209 cold calls.

                      A fully-booked January calendar

                      A busy calendar is a $$$ calendar. Start getting your Q1 meetings on the books now, before the egg-nog fog sets in.

                      Festive Fact: It takes an average of 8 touches to get a meeting with a new prospect.

                      Cheers to a joyous January

                      What will you be doing to wrap up the year on a high note?

                      Before you rush off to put your plans into action, here's another fun festive fact for you: our Proposify ebooks, guides, reports, and podcast episodes are great resources for making your sales and proposal processes better—and, best of all, they're free. 

                      You can download ebooks here and check out the podcast here.

                      Happy gifting, reading, and listening!

                      Proposify’s Ultimate Holiday Sales Slump-Buster Gift Guide