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New Feature Alert! Get Paid Faster with Stripe

Say goodbye to cash flow woes. Introducing the new Proposify/Stripe payment integration! Now your clients can pay as soon as they sign your proposal. Shake your money maker.

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Proposify is all about streamlining your sales process. We help you create proposals faster, we help you get client sign-off faster, and now, we help you get paid faster!

Thanks to our newest integration, when you connect your Stripe account to your Proposify account, you can request payment from your clients right in the proposal. Get paid, TODAY.

How it works

Once you connect your Stripe and Proposify accounts, you can set a payment default. This allows you to request payment for a specific percentage across all new proposals. So, if your payment policy is that clients need to pay 50% upfront, you can set the default payment to always request 50% of whatever the total project proposal is.

If you prefer to set different payment amounts for each individual proposal, you can do that, too. You can also edit existing proposal settings to enable payments, so even if a proposal has already been sent to your client, you can still add the Stripe payment to it.

Once your client has signed the proposal, they will be prompted to make the specified payment amount right then and there. Making a Stripe payment is quick and easy for clients - all they need to do is enter their credit card details.

If your client decides that they don’t want to pay right then, you can always send the proposal later as a friendly reminder.

If you have international clients, Stripe supports 135 currencies so you can collect payments from around the world. 

Let’s get this payment party started

If you already have a Stripe account, follow these instructions to connect it to your Proposify account. Please note that not all plans include Stripe. Check now to see if your plan includes Stripe or if you need to switch plans. 

If you’re not already a Stripe customer, you can create a new account with Stripe and then connect it to Proposify. Stripe is free to sign up.

Now, get out there and wheel some deals! It might be summer, but (iced) coffee is still for closers.

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