If Content is King, Proposify’s Save to Library Feature Helps You Keep Your Crown

Keeping your content castle beautifully intact can come with a lot of pressure and high standards. Learn how to wear the crown with confidence and meet the newest member of your royal entourage.

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Your Content Library was your castle: organized, up-to-date, and a dream to use. Then automatic updates and complex version control left your library in digital ruins. Multiple messy versions of sections, snippets, and tables ran amok in your once-beautiful folder system.

But no more. Our new Save to Library feature lets YOU decide the rules for what gets added to or updated in your Content Library and what doesn’t get past the gates.

Setting up and securing your content

Your Proposify Content Library is a central place where your team can find everything they need to pull together impressive proposals fast. This can include product or service descriptions, team bios, fee tables, images, text snippets, and any other pieces that don’t tend to change much from proposal to proposal.

You can organize and control the contents of your Content Library using folders and roles and permissions. Once your library is beautifully organized and locked down, it’s important to keep it that way. With our new Save to Library controls, you can do exactly that

Automatic updating’s reign is over

Let’s look at what used to happen when a user in your account added or updated a section in your proposal template. That new or edited section would automatically save to your content library—whether you wanted it to or not.

Now when users create or edit a section within your proposal or proposal template, those changes won’t be automatically reflected in your content library. Our new Save to Library feature lets you control what can (or can’t) be saved by using roles and permissions to outline who is permitted to add or edit content in your Proposify library folders.

Here’s how.

Existing content

If the section already exists in the content library, only users who have permission to add/edit/delete sections will be able to update sections or save it as a new section in the content library.

Newly-created content

If creating a new section, only users who have permission to add/edit/delete sections will be able to save their new section in the library.

With this newfound power, you can be confident that everything in your Proposify Content Library—from full sections to individual images—remains accurate, organized, and easily accessible. So, wear your content crown proudly and have confidence knowing you are in total control.

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