Proposals and Contracts and Quotes, Oh My! New Templates Hot off the Press.

Do your proposal templates need a polish? Contracts need a clean up? Quotes a quicken? We've got you. Our team of pro designers have been hard at work creating brand new templates purpose-built to help you expedite your closes—and look good while you're doing it.

New Proposal, Quote, and Contract Templates

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At Proposify, we know proposals like Nike knows sneakers.

Our team of data scientists are constantly scouring the millions of sales docs in our database to identify the latest trends and best practices helping salespeople close more deals. (We publish out findings in our annual research report.)

Our team of pro designers apply those best practices to the hundreds of custom proposal templates they’ve constructed for our amazing customers.

Our customer team work with amazing folks every day helping create closing processes that blow the competition out of the water.

But what we’re truly passionate about—our entire mission as a company—is passing that knowledge on to you, the sellers out there on the front line closing deals every day.

All that know-how accumulates in our gallery of proposal templates. All 84 (and counting) templates are designed to help you stand out in a competitive deal and win more business. They’re purpose built to give you insight into your deal-closing process that you can’t get anywhere else. And they’re 100% free to use!

So check out our most recent additions, keep an eye peeled for lots more on the way, and let us know if there’s a specific template you’d love to see us add to our line up.

4 New Proposal Templates

You asked, we listened. Thanks to the suggestions from our fav people (our customers, of course!) we’ve added four new sales proposal templates to the gallery: project, recruitment, lawn care, and Upwork.

Each new template is entirely editable, and includes interactive pricing AND our esignatures which can help you close deals up to 60% faster. Check ‘em out!

project proposal template

Pitch your next project like a pro with this project proposal template.

Project Proposal Template

Pitching a project to a potential client? There are few better ways to put your best foot forward, before the work even begins, than with an impressive proposal. This free project proposal template will help you do exactly that. With a professionally-designed layout and example text to get the ideas flowing, this project template contains everything you’ll need to win over your prospective client. The sample scope of work includes a consultation phase, solution design and modelling, implementation, and management and support; this section, just like everything else in this template, is completely customizable to suit your offering and your brand. Check out this free project proposal template.

free recruitment proposal template

Fast-forward to closing more clients with this free recruitment proposal template.

Recruitment Proposal Template

Staffing and recruiting companies can fast-forward the tedious proposal creation process and skip straight to closing more clients with this free recruitment proposal template. It’s designed to show of your business and convince your potential clients why you’re the best at what you do. This template contains descriptions of a variety of staffing services, and includes sections to introduce your team, provide a history of your company, outline your process and scope of services, include a case study and testimonials to show off past wins, and display your pricing. Get started with our recruitment proposal template.

free lawn care proposal template

Use this lawn care proposal template to create a proposal that's sweeter than the smell of freshly cut grass.

Lawn Care Proposal Template

Don’t let those straight mower lines and razor-sharp edges be the only thing that sets your lawn care services company apart from the competition. Win your customer’s hearts long before you fire up the trimmer with a proposal that’s sweeter than the smell of fresh-cut grass in summertime. Our lawn care proposal template is purposefully designed to catch your potential customer’s attention and stand out from the crowd during the busy bidding season. It includes sections to outline your services, process, equipment, team, and pricing, and is 100% free to use. Check out our lawn care proposal template right here.

free upwork proposal template

Impress your next client with this free Upwork proposal template.

Upwork Proposal Template

Writers, designers, developers, and freelancers of all stripes pitching potential clients on Upwork will love how this free proposal template helps you stand out from the crowd. Win your prospect’s attention (and business) right from the first eye-catching page, and bring the deal home with a personalized cover letter, a brief introductory bio, examples of past work, and clear pricing. Get started with this free Upwork proposal template.

Professional services

Have something particular in mind? We can build it for you.

Let us focus on the design so you can focus on the close.

5 New Quote Templates

If you’re past the proposal stage and need to send more detailed pricing information, or perhaps send quotes in lieu of a proposal, these quote templates will help you present pricing in a clear, interactive format, track the progress of your documents, and lock the deal down with legally-binding esignatures.

free quote template

No matter the job, this one-page quote template will help you get impressive, interactive quotes to your potenial clients quickly.

One-Page Quote Template

When a one-pager’s all you need, this quick and easy template will help you get professional quotes out to potential clients quickly, no matter the job. If you have multiple packages on offer, optional extras, taxes, or discounts you need to include, take advantage of our smart pricing tables to make selecting the pricing intuitive and interactive for your prospect. Seal the deal with an esignature, and let the project begin! Check out this quick and easy one-page quote template.

Construction quote template

This construction quote template can help your bid stand out from the competition.

Construction Quote Template

If you’re quoting construction or building services, this construction quote template is sure to impress your prospective clients. It includes space to provide a summary of the project, timelines and deliverables, terms and conditions, and pricing information. The design, layout, and text included in this template is all 100% editable so you can easily update the information to describe your services and the design to match your company’s style. Get started with this construction quote template.

Catering quote template

This catering quote template is designed to help caterers and food services providers nail pitches and win more clients.

Catering Quote Template

Catering can be a competitive industry, so spicing up the way you pitch for new business could be the secret ingredient to winning more clients. This catering template is professionally designed to stand out and win your potential client’s attention—and their business. Interactive pricing allows them to see exactly how much your services cost, a personalized cover letter and event summary section paints the picture of what working with you is like, and clean design ties it all together for a cohesive, professional experience. Check out this free catering quote template.

free project quote template

Look no further than this project quote template to send impressive quotes that stand out from the competition.

Project Quote Template

Want your quotes to stand out and get noticed in an ocean of bland, black-and-white alternatives? This project quote template is for you. Its professional design and layout is sure to catch your prospective customer’s eye, and everything is customizable so you can adjust as you need to suit your brand and your style. Same goes for the text; simply switch out the placeholder copy and replace with content of your own. When you’re ready, send it off to your prospect, track progress with our proposal analytics, and seal the deal 60% with Proposify’s esignatures. Get quoting with this project quote template.

Service quote template

No matter what you're pitching, this service quote template will help your bids stand out and get noticed.

Service Quote Template

No matter what you’re pitching, this service quote template will help your bids stand out and get noticed. This template contains everything you'll need to impress your clients, including a professional cover, editable sections for service descriptions and project timelines, interactive pricing, and a place for your new client to esign and close the deal. Plus, everything on this free service quote template is entirely editable, meaning you can customize your pitch to suit your service and brand. Check out this service quote template.

3 New Contract Templates

At the risk of sounding like shortened, salesified version of the 12 Days of Christmas, the last thing we’ve got for you today are three french hens new contract templates.

While maybe not as sexy as a new proposal, these contract templates are nonetheless still critical to closing new customers and protecting your business while you’re at it.

Reminder: We’re not lawyers, and recommend you review these documents with legal counsel before you send them to a potential client.

Partnership agreement template

Use this partnership agreement template to create an agreement, customize as you need, and make it official with esignatures.

Partnership Agreement Template

This partnership agreement contract will help you formalize the terms of a business partnership. As with all of our templates, the prewritten contract will serve as a foundation for you to edit as you need. You can omit the clauses you don’t need, add ones you do, and tweak the existing terms to ensure the term, capital, profit and loss, salaries and drawings, interest, and termination details are as you need them. Get started with this template.

Statement of work template

This statement of work template can help provide your client a detailed SOW when kicking of a project.

Statement of Work Template

If a Statement of Work is standard operating procedure in your sales cycle, this template will help you get your SoW to new clients faster and lock down their signature electronically. This free template is pre-written to include the objectives or purpose of the project, deliverables and schedule, payment terms, client requirements, and everything else you’ll need to provide a detailed scope of work that protects your business by clearly defining the terms of the project. Check out this template.

Free NDA Contract Template

Create a non-disclosure agreement in minutes with this free, customizable NDA contract template.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

In practice, a non-disclosure agreement is way less scary than it sounds. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly used contracts in business. If NDAs are a non-negotiable part of securing new business for you and your sales team, this NDA template will help you blast though this boring-but-critical part of your sales cycle and get one step closer to the close. If you’re on the fence about mixing up the way you send and sign NDAs, perhaps this article may convince you otherwise—plus, you’ll find our what NDAs and KFC have in common. Use this template.


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Proposals and Contracts and Quotes, Oh My! New Templates Hot off the Press.

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