Crush Your Next Deadline With Our Six New Sales Proposal Templates

Copy. Paste. Crop. Tweak. Delete. Headache. Sound familiar? Don’t sweat. Proposify is in the business of taking the pain out of proposals. We’ve just added six new free proposal templates to help you build beautiful business proposals without the hassle of starting from scratch.

business proposal templates for public relations, interior design and graphic design

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You promised yourself this time would be different, that you would give yourself plenty of time to create a sharp business proposal for that important project. But the deadline crept up, and now here you are, pulling your hair out trying to make your proposal - the lynchpin to this deal - look enticing.

Relax - we’ve got you covered.

Our gallery of 60 professionally written and designed templates are designed to help you streamline your proposal process. They cover a variety of services and industries, so with little effort, you can transform your proposals from passable to downright impressive.

Our six new proposal templates are: painting, pressure washing, graphic design, public relations, legal services and electrical work.

Our free templates can get the ball rolling on your proposal process by providing suggestions on copy and design, but they’re also 100% customizable, so you can change the words, layout, design, and images to suit your needs.

While each of our proposal templates feature sample contracts, we recommend you use a lawyer to make sure you’re 100%  protected. You can have your client sign off on your proposal by adding a legally binding online signature.

Don’t wait any longer to browse our full gallery of proposal templates and kick start your stress-free proposal process. Your hairline will thank you.

Painting Services Template

Painting services companies will find this free template useful in preparing proposals for residential and commercial clients. The template is designed to highlight your company’s background, detail the scope of the job, provide a schedule for completion and share testimonials from past clients. Check out our free painting services template.

Pressure Washing Template

Tell your prospective client what makes you the best candidate for their pressure washing needs with this professionally designed template. Sections include a cover letter, about us, project description, and estimate. Check out our free pressure washing services template.

Graphic Design Template

This proposal template will be valuable to graphic designers, design firms, and agencies to use as a guideline for pitching their services. The template includes sections for deliverables, timelines, process, fees, and a standard contract. It also provides space to highlight company background and experience. Check out our free graphic design template.

Public Relations Template

In public relations, image is everything. Make a good impression on prospective clients by using our professionally designed relations template, which allows you to map out deliverables, timelines, process, fees, and a standard contract. Share your team’s background and experience, and highlight your best work in the portfolio section. Check out our free public relations template.

Legal Services Template

Law firms and individual lawyers can use this template to prepare quotes for clients. This proposal template includes sections a cover letter, legal team bios, an overview of services, and a fee table of your rates, by both the hour and on retainer. Check out our free legal services template.

Electrical Work Template

This electrical contractor proposal template is ideal for electricians, electrical engineers, contractors, and construction companies looking to present quotes to potential clients. The free template outlines pages for a cover letter, description of the job, project schedule, estimate, and terms and conditions. Check out our free electrical work template.

Crush Your Next Deadline With Our Six New Sales Proposal Templates

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