NEW FEATURE ALERT! Create Proposals Directly Inside HubSpot

Now you can create, send, sign, and track Proposify proposals without ever leaving the HubSpot CRM.

create proposals directly inside hubspot

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If you’re like most salespeople, you’re probably ready to give up your left kidney for a tech stack that doesn’t fill you with white hot rage. Sure, you’d have to lay off the mojitos, but imagine not having to check six different programs just to do your job.

Well, for all you HubSpot users, we’ve got some very good news. Thanks to Proposify’s new deep HubSpot integration, the dream of a frictionless tech stack is still alive.

Take back your tech stack

Proposify’s powered-up HubSpot integration is packed with features that make working between Proposify and HubSpot a dream.

The magic starts with your contacts. Linking your Proposify and HubSpot accounts lets you share your contact list between the two platforms.

That’s right, no more painstakingly copying contact information from one program to the next. Update contacts with just a few quick clicks and finally stop doing the same work twice!

And no-fuss contact management is just the beginning.You also have access to a new card in your HubSpot deal unlocking a slew of features that let you zoom through your proposal processes.

One of the coolest features is the ability to create proposals and make changes to them directly from within HubSpot.

It’s hard to overstate how much of a game-changer this is. We’ve essentially dropped the entire Proposify editor into HubSpot—complete with the same templates, editing options, and features you’re used to—so you can use it almost exactly like you would through Proposify itself.

But it gets even better. When you change or create a Proposify proposal in HubSpot everything gets seamlessly updated in Proposify as well.

Remember endlessly tabbing between your proposal software and CRM, just to keep your deals up-to-date every time anything changed? Now we do that for you, leaving you way more time to chase down new leads and close more deals.

You also get to continue tracking important deal information in Proposify, and take advantage of our metrics, notifications, and mobile features.

So this is what “streamlined workflow”’ feels like.

Get set up in seconds

Setting up your HubSpot integration in Proposify is simple, and usually takes less than 60 seconds.

Head to the Integrations page in your Proposify editor, click on the HubSpot logo, and enter your HubSpot login information. Once you’ve given Proposify the permissions it needs to run you’ll be prompted to customize your integration.

Note that if you were already using our previous HubSpot integration, you don’t need to do any of this, as the new upgrades will already be live for you.

With that finished, you’ll see the new Proposify proposal card appear in your HubSpot deal. Click on it to create, send, sign, and track your Proposify proposal without ever leaving HubSpot.

Finally conquer your workflow woes

These upgrades shine brightest when you see them in action, so it’s absolutely worth your time to check them out for yourself. Head to Proposify now and you can get started in seconds. We promise you’ll thank us.

If you want to learn even more about Proposify’s new deep integration with HubSpot, there are also tons of articles in our knowledge base outlining the new features in more detail.

So treat yourself to one more mojito, because you’re about to have less work, fewer headaches, and a more consistent sales process that ushers in even more wins.

NEW FEATURE ALERT! Create Proposals Directly Inside HubSpot

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