Get Next-Level Deal Visibility with Proposify & Gong

We are excited to announce that Proposify now integrates with Gong: the leading revenue intelligence platform!

Proposify Gong Integration

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Ever wonder what’s really happening at the closing stage of your deal? Gong & Proposify have come together to create an integration that enables powerful deal intelligence. More visibility into the close means more opportunities for your sales team to seal the deal!

The Proposify & Gong integration allows teams to better track actions made on Proposify sales documents in the Gong platform. Users can now see which deals are getting hotter at the closing stage of the sales cycle. Watch here!

So, how does the integration work?

Whenever a user sends the proposal to a client, the action will be recorded on the Gong deals timeline in the Gong platform. Likewise, when a client views the proposal this will also be recorded on the Gong deals timeline.

How does the Proposify & Gong integration help Sales Reps?

The Proposify & Gong integration allows Sales Reps to gain more visibility into their deals. When Sales Reps see a number of views at the closing stage of a deal, it usually means that new stakeholders have entered the picture. The last thing you want is to be surprised by new decision makers at the end of the sales process. Sales Reps can now gain visibility into moments that can help you save the deal!

How does the Proposify & Gong integration help Sales Managers?

Sales Managers can now get better visibility into whether or not sales proposals were actually sent to the buyer. This visibility can help the manager coach reps on their team to take action quickly and save a deal before it’s too late! Getting visibility into how prospects are engaging with rep proposals also helps managers build confidence in their sales forecast.

Why did Proposify build this integration?

“We were very excited to partner with Gong to create a smarter way to close deals. The ability to see in Gong how prospects interact with sales documents is just the beginning. Together, using intelligence and insights, we are thrilled to give sales reps full context to take control of the close.” Victor Skrylev, VP Product at Proposify.

Why was Gong interested in creating this integration?

“We love coming together with other awesome sales tech tools to create more intelligent ways to empower reps and their closing process. Gong is excited to partner with Proposify to make that magic happen.” Ashi Aber, Director of Business Development @ Gong.

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Get Next-Level Deal Visibility with Proposify & Gong

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