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Agencies Drinking Beer Episode 29: Managing Bugs, QA and Client Expectations - The Sifter Story

Managing Bugs, QA, and Client Expectations: The Sifter Story

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer Kevin and Kyle chat with Garrett Dimon, founder of the bug tracker app, Sifter, and author of Starting + Sustaining. We’ve been HUGE longtime fans of Sifter so were super excited to talk with Garrett. He shares how he came to develop Sifter, the challenges of developing a product, and the best ways to deal with the client/bug relationship. Hint: Managing expectations, frequent iterations, and investing in the release process.

Agencies Drinking Beer Episode 28: These Secret to a Successful Partnership (And How To Keep yourself Protected)

The Secret to a Successful Partnership (and How to Keep Yourself Protected)

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin, Kyle, and Jennifer interview Renée Warren, CEO and Founder of Onboardly. Onboardly is a marketing agency for tech startups based in Moncton, New Brunswick on Canada's east coast. Recently Reneé's co-founder left Onboardly to pursue other interests so she talks about the components of a good partnership, how to protect yourself if the situation changes, and how she managed the transition.

Agencies Drinking Beer Episode 27: Designing for Travel and Tourism Clients

Designing For Travel and Tourism Clients

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer Kevin and Kyle chat with Jamie Gerrard, Director of User Experience at VERB, a digital marketing agency specializing in the the travel and tourism industry. VERB provides destinations, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and tourism companies around the world with interactive marketing solutions. Jamie talks about how VERB has focused on the travel niche since day one, their work to provide an experience that satisfies the wants and needs of the consumer while still meeting the business goals of their clients, and the importance of UX design in travel and tourism sites.

Agencies Drinking Beer Episode 26: Connecting Your SaaS Tools to Automate and Minimize Your Efficiency

Connecting Your SaaS Tools To Automate And Maximize Your Efficiency

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Keegan Sard, co-founder of Simplegration based in Brisbane, Australia. You might call Keegan and his team “SaaS connoisseurs”. They work closely with startups and SMBs to assess their business pain points and then recommend SaaS products to solve those problems quickly and cost-effectively. Make sure you have a pen handy while you’re listening to this interview as Keegan talks about some of the best SaaS products he’s found on the market. You might just discover a solution to improve your business.