Your days of painful proposals are over

Say goodbye to the inefficiency, the uncertainty, and the time-sucking nature of proposals.

From creation to close and every deal-making moment in between, this book is full of actionable advice to make your next proposal a pleasure. Say hello to the winner’s circle.

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The Closer's Guide to Winning Proposals

You want to create proposals that close deals. We’ll show you how.

There are lots of factors that go into a winning proposal and we cover them all in this business proposal guide - Qualifying a lead so you don’t waste your time. Writing persuasively. Using design to impress clients. Pricing that’s both profitable and competitive. Pitching to win. Proposal writing examples. Plus lots of tips along the way to streamline your entire proposal process so you can get the deal done faster.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in The Closer’s Guide to Winning Proposals

In this guide to proposal writing, we’re sharing all of our trade secrets on how to:

  1. How to qualify sales leads

    Qualify your sales lead

  2. How to sctructure a proposal

    Structure your proposal

  3. How to create an executive summary

    Create an
    executive summary

  4. How to write a persuasive proposal

    Write persuasively

  5. How to price your services

    Price your services

  6. How to develop case studies

    Develop case studies

  7. How to design a proposal

    Layout and design

  8. Hown to create a contract

    Draw up a contract

  9. How to close more deals

    Close the deal

  10. How to automate proposals

    Automate your
    proposal process

From one closer to another

We’re Proposify, the proposal experts. Our online proposal software helps businesses just like yours close deals faster. We know firsthand how frustrating proposals can be, and we know how to make it easier. That’s why we’re sharing what we know in this guide to proposal writing - our mission is to make killer closers out of everyone, including you.

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