Proposify Partner Program

Proposify Partner Program

Become a Proposify Certified Partner.

Propel your clients to success by leading them to a new era of streamlined sales.

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How will being a Proposify Certified Partner benefit my business?

Our Certified Partners are leaders, like you. Providing exceptional service, value, and expertise is an established part of your business model, and your clients trust you to recommend customized solutions. Partnering with Proposify means you can build on that service and trust by improving your clients’ proposal process, from creation to close.

Whether your business focus is in creative design, account management, integration implementation, sales strategy, or other consulting services, becoming a Certified Proposify Partner can deepen your client relationships and provide new sources of revenue.

In fact, you’ll earn a 20% commission on-going with no expiry every month for as long as your client stays a Proposify customer.

As a Certified Partner you’ll take the lead from demo, to close, to onboarding. The clients you bring to Proposify are yours from start to finish, but we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. With training, and support from your partner success team you’ll have all the tools you need to take them through the on-boarding process, answer questions, and help them grow as customers.

What can I offer my clients as a Proposify Certified Partner?

  1. Proposal Expert

    You already know the pain points that Proposify solves: streamlining what can be an inefficient proposal process and helping to close more deals, faster. As a Proposify Certified Partner, you’ll position yourself as the proposal expert (and hero!) by implementing the leading solution in the market and easing those business pain points.

  2. Sales Automation

    And, by using Proposify in combination with your integration, design, copywriting or account management services, you can offer your clients the ideal sales automation process from beginning to end.

  3. Partner Locator

    Our Certified Partner locator filters by expertise, industry, and location so businesses can search for the right Certified Partner for their job.

Who becomes a Proposify Certified Partner?

Our Certified Partners are digital agencies, marketers, consultants, SaaS companies, and industry experts with an established client base and an ambition to expand their service offering. As a Proposify Certified Partner, you’ll join highly-driven business leaders around the world who want to provide a premium solution that propels their clients to success.

Program Details

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When you become a Proposify Certified Partner, we’ll provide all the support you need to integrate Proposify as part of your services and accelerate your growth, including a Proposfiy Certified Partner account, customized specifically for you. As a Certified Partner you'll have access to exclusive benefits.


  • 20% commission on-going with no expiry every month for as long as the client stays a Proposify customer, inclusive of upgrades

  • Business listing in the Proposify Partner Locator

  • Ongoing support and training to help you close deals

  • Access to marketing materials

  • A dedicated Partner Success Manager

You’ll also get access to an exclusive Partner Portal where you can invite and track new clients, receive training, marketing tools, new tactics and feature updates, as well as many more benefits that will fast-track your journey to becoming an expert.


  • You’ll get a Proposify Certified Partner badge to share on your website and other marketing materials

  • Opportunities to represent Proposify at industry specific trade shows and events (conditions apply)

  • Invite-only events where you can meet the Proposify team, other partners, and clients

  • Exclusive partner updates about new Proposify products and features

Eligible partners must also complete the Proposify Partner Training Course.

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Promote Proposify and Get Paid as an Affiliate

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Our Affiliate program is designed for people who want to promote Proposify through their own channels—website, blog, webinar, social media accounts— and get rewarded. As a Proposify Affiliate, you’ll have access to documentation and marketing resources to help you succeed.

How it Works:

It’s free to sign up! Once you’re approved as an Affiliate, we’ll send you an engagement link that you can add to your own content to promote Proposify. When someone uses your link to convert to a paid Proposify account, you’ll receive a 10% commission every month for the lifetime of the subscription.

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