Become a Proposify Partner

Our partner program is designed to match your business with potential customers who need your Proposify expertise. It’s a great opportunity to grow your business and expand your network.

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The Opportunity

We’ve found that many of our customers need more assistance to maximize all the benefits of Proposify than our small team can provide:

  • They need help moving their existing proposals into Proposify.
  • They need someone to help them write and/­or design a custom-made proposal template.
  • They need training or consultation on how to get the most out of the Proposify. We offer some larger customers on top-tier plans a bit more training, but in general this request overwhelms our support staff.

So the demand is there, but the supply is not. That’s where you come in.

The Perks

Other than proposal fame and glory, there are more tangible, and profitable, benefits to becoming a certified Proposify Partner:

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Earn Recurring, Passive Income

For every client you bring to Proposify, you’ll receive a 10% monthly commission (or annual, depending on the type of plan they choose). The more customers you sign up, the more money you make. Sweet, right?

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Qualified Leads, Delivered to Your Door

We promote our partners to new leads and existing Proposify customers. These are people who are already interested in Proposify and are looking for extra help.

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Upsell Your Services

Take the initiative to offer additional paid services like custom proposal design, proposal writing, training, consulting, or API development.

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Offer Extra Value to Agency Clients

By helping to manage your client’s proposal process, you’ll solve a major business pain point and look like a deal-closing hero.

Joining the Proposify Partner program has been a fantastic experience — not only do I get a commission for promoting a product I already love and use daily, I’ve also been able to work with clients across the globe and forge new connections for my business. The Proposify Team has been supportive and helpful as I’ve been integrating Proposify design into my service offering. They’ve been quick to answer any time I’ve had questions, and I know they’ve got my back. Partnering up with Proposify has been one of the best things for my business in 2016, and I'm greatly looking forward to doing more work together this year. image description Collin Belt, CEO and Creative Director, Ice Nine Studios

The 3 Steps to Become a Proposify Partner:

  1. Apply

    The very first step is to apply to become a partner by filling out this form .

  2. Sign Partner Agreement

    After you’ve submitted the application form and you’re accepted, we’ll send you a partner agreement to sign. It outlines all the terms and conditions so you’ll know what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

  3. Enroll in the Partner Certification Course

    All partners must complete a brief course with a one time fee of $100 per company. We need to know that you know your way around Proposify like a pro. If anyone else on your team wants to get certified, they’ll need to take the course, too.

    It’s critical all of our partners fully understand how Proposify works so you can sell and train your clients on the product. We’ll send you a link to the course once you’ve signed the partner agreement. You enroll in the course, pay your one time fee, and then show us your stuff.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, we’ll send you a custom link to track your customer sign-ups and commissions, we’ll set you up in our partner directory to promote your services, and you’ll be invited to join a special Slack channel for partner exclusive updates only.

Go Pro and Become a Proposify Partner

Apply today to get new leads, earn commissions, and get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content.



  • Do I get a free Proposify account?

    No. We expect that as a paying customer of Proposify you already know the software well and use it to close deals. Being a partner enables you to bring in additional revenue in the form of monthly commission and new consulting leads that will more than pay for the cost of the software. In the future we may consider offering tiers of partnerships, so partners that bring in more clients get a larger discount on their own Proposify subscription. But that’s down the road once we see how things go.

  • Why is there a fee to be a partner if I’m bringing you business?

    We’re going for quality over quantity here. We want partners that are engaged and active, and a small fee helps us make sure the partner is serious and willing to invest money to reap the benefits of partnership.

  • What if someone signs up without using my custom link?

    If this happens, let us know who you signed on and their email address. We’ll double check our records, and once confirmed, we’ll add them as your customer so you get the commission.

  • How long will the course take?

    Depending on how well you know Proposify, it takes 30-60 minutes.

  • Will I be able to log into my client’s Proposify accounts?

    Not currently but perhaps in the future. For now if you’re designing a template for a client you can do it in your own account and then let our support team know you want it moved to another client’s account and they’ll make it happen.

  • When do you pay out commission?

    It’s paid out monthly using an external tool called GrowSumo. When you get invited into it it will ask you for your Paypal email address and automatically send you the money each month.

  • Will I get partner swag?

    Absolutely! Once you complete the certification course and sign the partner agreement we’ll mail you a super cool Proposify hat and t-shirt.

  • How does this differ from your referral program?

    We have a referral program in Proposify for everyone that allows you to receive a free month of usage when people sign up using your referral link. The partner program is more exclusive than that. As a partner we trust you to take care of our customers, and we deal out hard cash as opposed to just free product usage.